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Generating energy while walking to the bus

15 May 2017

Usually walking to a bus stop is nothing special. But on May, 15th the municipality of Zuidhorn opened a new bus stop, where this will change. The new bus stop is full of new sensors among which also piezoelectric ones developed by the group of Prof. Beatriz Noheda. Piezoelectric materials convert mechanical stress into electricity. One of the best known piezoelectrics is giving the sparks in many lighters. But now there will be tiles in the sidewalk that are able to generate energy for e.g. the lighting of the bus stop. The tiles will be installed in the framework of pilot to test if the energy generated by the new materials is sufficient to power lighting or sensors. This may later be implemented in the sensors of the Internet of Things, providing information on road use, sensors for environment pollution and many other applications.

Here you can find an article of the “Dagblad van het Noorden on the opening of the bust stop (in Dutch) and here a video feature of RTV Noord.

More information on the work of Beatriz Noheda can be found on her website, where you also find contact information.

Last modified:02 June 2017 11.22 a.m.

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