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Sourav Maity from the Molecular Biophysics group wins JMR Young investigator award

16 October 2017

During the AFM Biomed conference, which was helt in Krakow this year, Sourav Maity won the JMR Young investigator award. Maity won the award by presenting his recent research results in a fascinating way, which excited the conference audience.

Dr. Sourav Maity
Dr. Sourav Maity

Maity performs his post-doctoral research under the supervision of Prof. Wouter Roos in the Molecular Biophysics group of the Zernike Institute. He studies protein assemblies using an advanced microscopy approach which is called Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). In this technique a tiny needle is scanning over the surface to make a topographic image of the proteins. This allows to reach nanometer resolution in watery solutions and creates the possibility to manipulate the sample by exerting forces onto it.

The recent advances in this field, which Maity presented at the conference, together with his enthusiastic way of presenting led to the awarding of the prize.


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