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Arijit Das wins Best Presentation Award at 6th International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities (ISIF) in Delhi

18 December 2017
Best Presentation Award at ISIF-2017 for Arijit Das
Best Presentation Award at ISIF-2017 for Arijit Das

Arijit Das of the Spintronics of Functional Materials Group (Prof. dr. Tamalika Banerjee) won the Best Presentation Award at ISIF-2017 In New Delhi, India. He received the award for his talk Electric field control of tunneling anisotropic magneto-resistance across complex oxide interface. Congratulations to Arijit Das for this excellent achievement.

About ISIF-2017

The International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities (ISIF - 2017) being organized in New Delhi, INDIA is the sixth in series of what originally began as the International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics way back in 1987. The symposium focuses on providing a forum to researchers and engineers from academia, laboratories, and industries, with focus on fundamental and applied science of multifunctional oxide (ferroelectrics, piezoelectric, photovoltaics, high-k dielectrics, transition metal oxides, metals, semiconductors) and nanocarbon (diamond, graphene, CNT) and polymer materials in bulk and thin film form and their integration for the development of a new generation of non-volatile memories (FeRAMs, RRAMs), tunable microwave devices, sensors, photovoltaic ferroelectric-based solar cells, nanocarbon-based micro and nano electronics, piezoelectric-actuated MEMS/NEMS devices, and external and implantable medical devices. Considering the significant progress made in recent years on memory technologies besides emergence of novel materials with multi-functionalities and integration into multifunctional devices, ISIF now includes science and technology of multifunctional materials beyond the original ferroelectrics and their integration into a new generation of multifunctional devices, such as those described above, providing a new vision of integrated functionalities. Accordingly, ISIF with broadened scope to address scientific and technological advances in frontier areas of multi-functionalities is expected to be a harbinger of a paradigm shift towards inclusion of exciting scientific topics and technologies while simultaneously consolidating underpinning areas of basic research.

The symposium has previously been organized in England, Korea, Japan and United States of America and last ISIF-2015 was held in Singapore. The 2017 symposium was the first time visit to India.

For more information please contact Prof.dr. Tamalika Banerjee

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