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KNAW agenda large scale facilities includes the free-electron laser FEL-NL

31 October 2016

On 31st of October the KNAW presented its agenda for large scale facilities. This agenda is the result of an open call in spring 2015 addressing all researchers in the Netherlands to send their ideas for 'dream' facilities. It resulted in forty-eight brief descriptions of potential facilities across all areas of science. In an initial selection round twenty-seven finalists were selected of which only thirteen made it on to the final agenda.

FEL-NL is part of the agenda

One among the selected 'dreams' is FEL-NL, the soft-X-ray free-electron laser proposal coordinated by Ronnie Hoekstra of the Zernike Institute. At the FEL-NL facility one will be able to shoot movies of the nanoworld in action. The understanding of the ultra-fast processes at the nanoscale may be essential for topics like e.g. energy conversion. The Academy Agenda is not an investment agenda (yet), but is a first step to identify the needs of the Dutch research community in the somewhat distant future (~2025). An investment in these areas may foster innovative research at the forefront of knowledge and will help positioning high-profile Dutch research groups in international science. For more information you may visit the website of KNAW.

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