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Three Zernike researchers receive funding from "FOM-projectruimte"

18 May 2016
The awardees Onck, Palasantzas and van Wees (from left)
The awardees Onck, Palasantzas and van Wees (from left)

Bart van Wees, Patrick Onck and George Palasantzas belong to the lucky few who succesfully applied for FOM-projectruimte. FOM-projectruimte is a funding tool that aims to stimulate groundbreaking fundamental research projects in physics with high scientific, industrial or societal relevance. In the current round 4.3 million Euro were awarded to ten research projects, three of which from the Zernike Institute:

  • Biomimetic nanopores ‐ resolving the puzzling selectivity of the nuclear pore complex Patrick Onck (RUG) en prof.dr. Cees Dekker (TUD)
  • Bonding materials with Casimir forces
    Prof.dr. Georgios Palasantzas (RUG)
  • Spin‐valleytronics in two‐dimensional Van der Waals materials: Uniting electronic spin, valley and charge with photonic chirality Bart van Wees (RUG)
  • Magnetization dynamics with spin‐polarized supercurrents
    Prof.dr. Jan Aarts (LEI)
  • Capturing reaction kinetics on a diffusing nanoparticle
    Dr. Sanli Faez (UU)
  • Splitting and tipping the electron
    Dr. Lars Fritz (UU)
  • Steering quantum spin interactions with light
    Dr. Alexey Kimel (RU)
  • Molecular billiards in slow motion: when molecules stick together
    Dr. Bas van de Meerakker (RU)
  • Functionalized organic‐metal (FOM) networks: a platform for designing Dirac fermions
    Dr. Ingmar Swart (UU) en prof.dr. Cristiane de Morais Smith (UU)
  • Living at the edge: Quantum spin Hall effect in germanene Harold Zandvliet (UT)

FOM press release

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