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Maria Antonietta Loi installed as M2i cluster leader "Functional Materials"

27 January 2016
Maria Antonietta Loi
Maria Antonietta Loi

Prof. dr. Maria Antonietta Loi has joined M2i as of 1 January 2016 as new cluster leader for M2i research cluster 4 “Functional materials”.

Maria has an MSc in physics and received her Physics PhD degree from the University of Cagliari (Italy) in 2001 on Photoexcitations and Interchain Interactions in Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers . Since then she worked in several research institutions. She is now full professor at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials of the University of Groningen where she is chairing the Photophysics and OptoElectronic department.

With this experience Maria is well positioned to take up the role as cluster leader.


About M2i

The Materials Innovation Institute, long established in the Netherlands and with a growing profile in Europe, is an enabler in materials innovation. Their core mission is to support industry and society in finding solutions for materials-related questions in product development and production processes.

As a network organization specialized in materials research, they collaborate with industry, academia and research institutes. By deploying the knowledge and talent of their partners and in-house experts, M2i drives economic prosperity, environmental progress and societal advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. M2i links its activities to the European market and top European innovators, thus strengthening its position as an international player in materials innovation.

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