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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Molecular Biophysics Roos group


November 2021

NWO awarded our Open Technology application! Together with the lab of Ben Feringa and Bruker we will study the nanoscale dynamics of synthetic molecular nanomachines.

October 2021

PhD student Martijn Middelkamp appears in Ukrant describing his research with our High-Speed AFM. (Kraak het virus, Cracking the virus)

September 2021

Science Advances accepted our paper on optical tweezers and HS-AFM studies of self-assembly of hepatitis B virus.

April 2021

Post-doc Adéla Melcrova won silver at the Young Speaker Contest of the 2021 Fysica meeting with her talk: 'No pores: The unexpected physics of a new antibiotic'. Congratulations Adéla!

January 2021

Physical Virology review on dynamics of viruses published in Nature Reviews Physics . Ukrant interviewed Wouter Roos following this publication (EN, NL).

November 2020

Our INFRAIA application MOSBRI has been granted, ranking 1st out of 65 applications! This Institut Pasteur (Paris) led consortium provides access to molecular biophysics research infrastructures all over Europe. From Groningen the Van der Wel, Vlijm and Roos labs are involved.

September 2020

Welcome Sajitha and Sander! Sajitha Sasidharan starts her post-doc as Marie Curie fellow in the oLife consortium and Sander de Weerd starts a PhD under the joint supervision of the Salvati, Schuringa and Roos labs.

August 2020

Our synthetic fiber assembly paper came out in JACS and features as a Spotlight! In the same month PhD student Chris van Ewijk got interviewed by Science LinX (NL)

July 2020

ACS Nano publication on HIV capsid protein self-assembly studied by High Speed AFM. Check out the movies! See also coverage in the Dutch Chemistry bi-weekly C2W (Live assemblages volgen).

January 2020

Margherita Marchetti successfully defended her thesis. Well done Margherita!
She has started as Investment Analyst at Innovation Industries, an independent venture capital fund.

January 2020

Welcome Chris van Ewijk! Chris starts his PhD on the Out-of-equilibrium chemical systems project focusing on High speed AFM approaches.

December 2019

The second call for our Cofund oLife fellowship programme has been opened.
Eight post-doc positions in diverse fields are available.
Closing deadline 26 January 2020.

October 2019

Welcome Yanping Gong and Martijn Middelkamp! Yanping starts as a CSC PhD student focusing on optical tweezers approaches. Martijn starts his PhD on the recently granted ECHO project.

September 2019

Welcome Adéla Melcrova and Laura Dillingh! Adéla received a personal NWO grant to perform post-doctoral research in our lab. Laura starts a PhD under the joint supervision of the Palasantzas, Schuringa and Roos labs on the Physics of Cancer project.

August 2019

Publication in Nano Letters on optical tweezers study of artificial virus self-assembly.

July 2019

Welcome Rafa Lira! Rafa comes from the Max-Planck-Institut in Golm and will study membrane fusion.

April 2019

The EU has awarded our Cofund oLife fellowship programme.
We are hiring 18 post-docs in diverse fields.

March 2019

First HS-AFM output accepted: Science Advances publication on ESCRT-III dynamics.

January 2019

The 2019 GRC Physical Virology (20 - 25 January 2019) was a great success, excellent science and networking. See you hopefully in 2021 at the next meeting!

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