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71) Pedro Buzón, Sourav Maity, Wouter H. Roos*
Physical Virology: from Virus Self-assembly to Particle Mechanics
WIREs Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology, 2020, in the press

70) Mariska G. M. van Rosmalen, Douwe Kamsma, Andreas S. Biebricher Chenglei Li, Adam Zlotnick, Wouter H. Roos* and Gijs J.L. Wuite*
Revealing in real-time a multi-step assembly mechanism for SV40 virus-like particles
Science Advances, 2020, in the press

69) R. Sorkin, M. Marchetti, E. Logtenberg, M. C. Piontek, E. Kerklingh, G. Brand, R. Voleti, J. Rizo, W. H. Roos, A. J. Groffen and G. J. L. Wuite
Synaptotagmin-1 and Doc2b exhibit distinct membrane remodeling mechanisms
Biophysical Journal, 2020, in the press

68) Melissa Piontek, Rafael Lira, Wouter H. Roos*
Active probing of the mechanical properties of biological and synthetic vesicles
BBA General subjects, 2020, in the press

67) Margherita Marchetti, Douwe Kamsma, Ernesto Cazares Vargas, Armando Hernandez García, Paul van der Schoot, Renko de Vries, Gijs J. L. Wuite, and Wouter H. Roos*
Real-Time Assembly of Viruslike Nucleocapsids Elucidated at the Single-Particle Level
Nano Letters, 2019, Vol. 19, 5746−5753

66) Christophe Caillat, Sourav Maity, Nolwenn Miguet, Wouter H. Roos, Winfried Weissenhorn
The role of VPS4 in ESCRT-III polymer remodeling
Biochemical Society Transactions, 2019, Vol. 47, 441-448

65) D. Denning, S. Bennett, T. Mullen, C. Moyer, D. Vorselen, G.J.L. Wuite, G. Nemerow, W.H. Roos
Maturation of adenovirus primes the protein nano-shell for successful endosomal escape
Nanoscale, 2019, Vol. 11, 4865-4869

64) Sourav Maity, Christophe Caillat, Nolwenn Miguet, Guidenn Sulbaran, Gregory Effantin, Guy Schoehn, Wouter H. Roos* and Winfried Weissenhorn*
VPS4 triggers constriction and cleavage of ESCRT-III helical filaments
Science Advances, 2019, Vol. 5, eaau7198

63) Michael Krieg, Gotthold Fläschner, David Alsteens, Benjamin M. Gaub, Wouter H. Roos, Gijs J. L. Wuite, Hermann E. Gaub, Christoph Gerber, Yves F. Dufrêne, Daniel J. Müller
Atomic Force Microscopy-based Mechanobiology

Nature Reviews Physics
, 2019, Vol. 1, 41–57

62) Y. Guo, W. H. Roos*
AFM Nanoindentation Experiments on Protein Shells: A Protocol
Methods in Molecular Biology, 2018, Vol. 1886, 243-257

61) D. Vorselen, S. M. van Dommelen, R. Sorkin, M. C. Piontek, J. Schiller, S. T. Döpp, S. A. A. Kooijmans, B. A. van Oirschot, B. A. Versluijs, M. B. Bierings, R. van Wijk, R. M. Schiffelers, G. J. L. Wuite and W. H. Roos*
The Fluid Membrane determines Mechanics of Erythrocyte Extracellular Vesicles and is Softened in Hereditary Spherocytosis
Nature Communications, 2018, Vol. 9, 4960

60) Mariska G.M. van Rosmalen, Chenglei Li, Adam Zlotnick, Gijs J.L. Wuite and Wouter H. Roos*
Effect of dsDNA on the assembly pathway and mechanical strength of SV40-VP1 virus-like particles

Biophysical Journal
, 2018, Vol. 115, 1656-1665

59) Raya Sorkin, Rick Huisjes, Filip Bošković, Daan Vorselen, Silvia Pignatelli, Yifat Ofir-Birin, Joames K. Freitas Leal, Jürgen Schiller, Wouter H. Roos, Giel Bosman, Neta Regev-Rudzki, Raymond M. Schiffelers, Gijs J. L. Wuite
Nanomechanics of Extracellular Vesicles Reveals Vesiculation Pathways
Small, 2018, Vol. 14, 1801650

58) Raya Sorkin, Giulia Bergamaschi, Douwe Kamsma, Guy Brand, Elya Dekel, Yifat Ofir-Birin, Ariel Rudik, Marta Gironella, Felix Ritort, Neta Regev-Rudzki, Wouter H. Roos, and Gijs J.L Wuite
Probing cellular mechanics with Acoustic Force Spectroscopy

Molecular Biology of the Cell
, 2018, Vol. 29, 1917-2035

57) Marek Cieplak and Wouter H. Roos*
Special issue on the physics of viral capsids

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter
, 2018, Vol. 30, 290201

56) Guus van der Borg, Scarlett Braddock, Jelle S. Blijleven, Antoine M. van Oijen and Wouter H. Roos*
Single particle fusion of influenza viruses reveals complex interactions with target membranes

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter
, 2018, Vol. 30, 204005

55) Graeme A. King, Maryam Hashemi Shabestari, Kees-Karel H. Taris, Ashutosh K. Pandey, Sundararajan Venkatesh, Jayapalraja Thilagavathi, Kamalendra Singh, Rama Krishna Koppisetti, Dmitry Temiakov, Wouter H. Roos, Carolyn K. Suzuki, Gijs J. L. Wuite
Acetylation and phosphorylation of human TFAM regulate TFAM-DNA interactions via contrasting mechanisms
Nucleic Acids Research, 2018, Vol. 46, 3633-3642

54) Sander Boonstra, Jelle S. Blijleven, Wouter H. Roos, Patrick R. Onck, Erik van der Giessen and Antoine M. van Oijen
Hemagglutinin-Mediated Membrane Fusion: A Biophysical Perspective
Annual Review of Biophysics, 2018, Vol. 47, 153-173

53) Daan Vorselen, Margherita Marchetti, Carmen López-Iglesias, Peter J. Peters, Wouter H. Roos* and Gijs J. L. Wuite
Multilamellar nanovesicles show distinct mechanical properties depending on their degree of lamellarity
Nanoscale, 2018, Vol. 10, 5318-

52) Mariska G. M. van Rosmalen, Glen R. Nemerow, Gijs J.L. Wuite and Wouter H. Roos*
A single point mutation in precursor protein VI doubles the mechanical strength of human adenovirus
Journal of Biological Physics, 2018, Vol. 44, 119-132

51) W.H. Roos*
AFM nanoindentation of protein shells, expanding the approach beyond viruses

Seminars Cell & Develop Biol
, 2018, Vol. 73, 145-152

50) Y. Liang, R.A. van der Valk, R.T. Dame, W.H. Roos, G.J.L. Wuite
Probing the mechanical stability of bridged DNA-H-NS protein complexes by single-molecule AFM pulling

Scientific Reports, 2017, Vol. 7, 15275

49) L. Zhang, S. Maity, K. Liu, Q. Liu, R. Göstl, G. Portale, W. H. Roos, and A. Herrmann
Nematic DNA Thermotropic Liquid Crystals with Photoresponsive Mechanical Properties

Small, 2017, Vol. 13, 1701207

48) J. Snijder, K. Radtke, F. Anderson, L. Scholtes, E. Corradini, J. Baines, A.J.R. Heck, G.J.L. Wuite, B. Sodeik, W.H. Roos*
Vertex-Specific Proteins pUL17 and pUL25 Mechanically Reinforce Herpes Simplex Virus Capsids
J. Virol., 2017, Vol. 91, e00123-17

47) M. C. Piontek, W. H. Roos*
Atomic Force Microscopy: An Introduction
Methods Mol. Biol. , 2017, Vol. 1665, 243-258

46) D. Vorselen, F.C. MacKintosh, W.H. Roos*, G.J.L. Wuite
Competition between bending and internal pressure governs the mechanics of fluid nanovesicles
ACS Nano
, 2017, Vol. 11, 2628-2636

45) M. Hashemi Shabestari, A.E.C. Meijering, W.H. Roos, G.J.L. Wuite and E.J.G. Peterman
Recent Advances in Biological Single-Molecule Applications of Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscopy
Methods Enzymol. , 2017, Vol. 582, 85-119

44)   D. Vorselen, E. S. Kooreman, G.J.L. Wuite, W. H. Roos*
Controlled tip wear on high roughness surfaces yields gradual broadening and rounding of cantilever tips
Sci Reports 2016, Vol. 6, 36972

43 ) J. Snijder, O. Kononova, I. Barbu, C. Uetrecht, W. Rurup, R. Rose, M. S. Koay, J. J. Cornellissen, W. H. Roos, V. Barsegov, G. J. Wuite, A. J. Heck
Assembly and mechanical properties of the cargo-free and cargo-loaded bacterial nanocompartment encapsulin
Biomacromolecules, 2016, Vol. 17, 2522-2529

42) K. Heinze, E. Sasaki, N.P. King, D. Baker, D. Hilvert, G.J.L. Wuite, W.H. Roos*
Protein Nanocontainers from Nonviral Origin: Testing the Mechanics of Artificial and Natural Protein Cages by AFM
J Phys Chem B , 2016, Vol. 120, 5945-5952

41)   M. Baclayon, P. van Ulsen, H Mouhib, MH Shabestari, T Verzijden, S. Abeln, W. H. Roos, G. J. Wuite
Mechanical Unfolding of an Autotransporter Passenger Protein Reveals the Secretion Starting Point and Processive Transport Intermediates
ACS Nano , 2016, Vol. 10, 5710-5719

40)   M. Marchetti, G. J. Wuite, W. H. Roos*
Atomic Force Microscopy Observation and Characterization of Single Virions and Virus-Like Particles by Nano-Indentation
Current Opinion in Virology , 2016, Vol. 18, 82-88

39)   D. Denning and W. H. Roos*
Elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular response to biophysical cues using synthetic biology approaches
Cell Adhesion & Migration, 2016, Vol. 10, 540-553

38)   O. Kononova, J. Snijder, Y. Kholodov, K. A. Marx, G. J. Wuite, W. H. Roos*, V. Barsegov
Fluctuating Nonlinear Spring Model of Mechanical Deformation of Biological Particles.
PLoS Computational Biology, 2016, Vol. 12, e1004729.

37)   R. Ayadi, W. H. Roos
Building an artificial actin cortex
Methods Cell Biol. , 2015, Vol. 128, 105-124

36)   Y. Liang, U. Li Chen, M. van Rosmalen, G. J. Wuite & W. H. Roos*
Sample Preparation and Imaging of Single Adenovirus Particle Using Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid.
Chinese Journal of Virology , 2015, 31, 601-6.

35)   M. G. M. van Rosmalen, W. H. Roos, G. J. L. Wuite
Material properties of Viral Nanocages explored by Atomic Force Microscopy
Methods Mol.
Biol. , 2015, Vol. 1252, 115-137

34)   G. Farge, M. Mehmedovic, M. Baclayon, S. van den Wildenberg, W. H. Roos, C. Gustafsson, G. J. L. Wuite, M. Falkenberg
In vitro reconstituted nucleoids can block mitochondrial DNA replication and transcription
Cell Reports, 2014, Vol. 8, 66-74

33)   D. Vorselen, W. H. Roos, F. C. MacKintosh, G. J. L. Wuite, J. J. W. A. van Loon
The role of the cytoskeleton in sensing changes in gravity by non-specialized cells
FASEB J., 2014, Vol. 28, 536-547

32)   D. Luque, A. de la Escosura, J. Snijder, M. Brasch, R. Rose, M. Koay, J. Carrascosa, G. J. Wuite, W. H. Roos, A. J. Heck, J. Cornelissen, T. Torres, J. Castón
Self-Assembly and Characterization of Small and Monodisperse Dye Nanospheres in a Protein Cage
Chemical Science, 2014, Vol. 5, 575-581

31)   O. Kononova, J. Snijder, M. Brasch, J. Cornelissen, R. I. Dima, K. A. Marx, G. J. Wuite, W. H. Roos*, V. Barsegov
Structural Transitions and Energy Landscape for Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus Capsid mechanics from nanomanipulation in vitro and in silico
Biophys. J., 2013, Vol. 105, 1893-1903
                  See also New and Notable: Capsid deformations reveal complex mechano-chemistry

30)   J. Snijder, C. Uetrecht, R. Rose, R. Sanchez-Eugenia, G. Marti, J. Agirre, D. Guérin, G. Wuite, A. J. R. Heck, W. H. Roos*
Probing the biophysical interplay between a viral genome and its capsid
Nature Chemistry, 2013, Vol. 5, 502-509
        See also Nature Chemistry News and Views: Biophysical chemistry: Unravelling capsid transformations

29)   J. Snijder, V. S. Reddy, E. R. May, W. H. Roos*, G. R. Nemerow, G. J. L. Wuite
Integrin and defensin modulate the mechanical properties of adenovirus
J. Virol., 2013, Vol. 87, 2756-2766
    See also JVI Spotlight: Host Factors involved in uncoating modulate Adenovirus elasticity

28)   W. S. Klug, W. H. Roos*, G. J. L. Wuite
Unlocking internal pre-stress from protein nanoshells
Phys. Rev. Lett., 2012, Vol. 109, 168104
    See also Physics: Protein Shells Take a Strength Test
      See also NRC Handelsblad: Virusomhulsel dankt zijn stevigheid aan zijn hoekjes (27 Oct 2012)

27)   J. Snijder, I. Ivanovska, M. Baclayon, W. H. Roos*, G. J. L. Wuite
Probing the impact of loading rate on the mechanical properties of viral nanoparticles
Micron, 2012, Vol. 43, 1343-1350

26)   D. Heuveling, G. Visser, M. de Groot, J. F. de Boer, M. Baclayon, W. H. Roos, G. Wuite, C. Leemans, R. de Bree, G. A. M. S. van Dongen
Nanocolloidal albumin-IRDye 800CW: a near-infrared fluorescent tracer with optimal retention in the sentinel lymph node
Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging, 2012, Vol. 39, 1161-1168

25)   W. H. Roos, I. Gertsman, E. May, C. Brooks III, J. Johnson, G. J. Wuite
Mechanics of bacteriophage maturation
Proc. Natl. A
cad. Sci. U. S. A., 2012, Vol. 109, 2342-2347

24)   M. Baclayon, G. K. Shoemaker, C. Uetrecht, S. Crawford, M. K. Estes, B. Prasad, A. J. Heck, G. J. Wuite, W. H. Roos*
Pre-stress strenghtens the shell of Norwalk Virus Nanoparticles
Nano Letters, 2011, Vol. 11, 4865-4869

23)   W. H. Roos
How to perf
orm a nanoindentation experiment on a virus
Methods Mol. Biol. , 2011, Vol. 783, 251-264

22)   D. Heuveling, G. Visser, M. Baclayon, W. H. Roos, G. J. Wuite, O. Hoekstra, C. Leemans, R. de Bree, G. van Dongen
89 Zr-Nanocolloidal Albumin–Based PET/CT Lymphoscintigraphy for Sentinel Node Detection in Head and Neck Cancer: Preclinical Results
J. Nuclear Medicine , 2011, Vol. 52, 1580-1584

21)   A. Evilevitch, W. H. Roos, I. L. Ivanovska, M. Jeembaeva, B. Jönsson, G. J. L. Wuite
Effects of salts on internal DNA pressure and mechanical properties of phage capsids
J. Mol.
Biology, 2011, Vol. 405, 18-23

20)   W. H. Roos*, R. Bruinsma, G. J. L. Wuite
Physical Virology
Nature Physics, 2010, Vol. 6, 733-743

19)   M. Baclayon, G. J. L. Wuite, W. H. Roos*
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Soft Matter, 2010, Vol. 6, 5273-5285

18)   W. H. Roos, M. M. Gibbons, A. Arkhipov, C. Uetrecht, N. Watts, P Wingfield, A. C. Steven, A. Heck, K. Schulten, W. Klug, G. J. L. Wuite
Squeezing protein shells: how continuum elastic models, molecular dynamics simulations and experiments coalesce at the nanoscale
Biophysical J., 2010, Vol. 99, 1175-1181
        Featuring as a Biophysical Journal Research Highlight

17)   G. K. Shoemaker, E. van Duijn, S. Crawford, C. Uetrecht, M. Baclayon, W. H. Roos, G. Wuite, M. Estes, B. Venkataram Prasad, A. J. R. Heck
Norwalk virus assembly and stability monitored by mass spectrometry
Mol. & Cell. Proteomics, 2010, Vol. 9, 1742-1751

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Sampling protein form and function with the atomic force microscope
Mol. & Cell. Proteomics, 2010, Vol. 9, 1678-1688

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Mechanical Properties of viruses
Emerging Topics in Physical Virology, 2010, Eds. Stockley & Twarock, 85-102

14)   R. J. Kroeze, M. N. Helder, W. H. Roos, G. J. L. Wuite, R. A. Bank, T. H. Smit
The effect of ethylene oxide, glow discharge and electron beam on the surface characteristics of poly(l-lactide-co-caprolactone) and the corresponding cellular response of adipose stem cells
Acta Biomaterialia, 2010, Vol. 6, 2060-2065

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Elucidating the mechanism behind irreversible deformation of viral capsids
Biophys J., 2009, Vol. 97, 2061-2069

12)   W. H. Roos, K. Radtke, E. Kniesmeijer, H. Geertsema, B. Sodeik, G. J. L. Wuite
Scaffold expulsion and genome packaging trigger stabilization of Herpes Simplex Virus capsids
Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 2009, Vol. 106, 9673-9678
    See also Kennislink: VU kraakt mechanische structuur herpesvirus
See also Science Daily: Punching holes into herpes viruses

11)   T. Haraszti, S. Schulz, K. Uhrig, R. Kurre, W. Roos, C. Schmitz, J. Curtis, T. Maier, A. Clemen, J. Spatz
Biomimetic models of the actin cortex
Rev. & Lett., 2009, Vol. 4, 17-32

10)   W. H. Roos*, G. J. L. Wuite
Nanoindentation studies reveal material properties of viruses
Adv. Mat., 2009, Vol. 21, 1187-1192

9)     W. H. Roos, O. Campas, F. Montel, G. Woehlke, J. P. Spatz , P. Bassereau, G. Cappello
Dynamic kinesin-1 clustering on microtubules due to mutually attractive interactions
Biol. 2008, Vol. 5, 046004

8)     C. Uetrecht, C. Versluis, N. R. Watts, W. H. Roos, G. J. Wuite, P. T. Wingfield, A. C. Steven, A. J. Heck
High-resolution mass spectrometry of viral assemblies: Molecular composition and stability of dimorphic hepatitis B virus capsids
Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 2008, Vol. 105, 9216-9220
        See also Volkskrant: Opbouw hepatitis B virus in kaart gebracht (28 juli 2008)

7)     W. H. Roos, I. L. Ivanovska, A. Evilevitch, G. J. L. Wuite
Viral capsids: mechanical characteristics, genome packaging and delivery mechanisms
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Life Sci., 2007, Vol. 64, 1484-1497

6)     C. Mohrdieck, F. Dalmas, E. Arzt, R. Tharmann, M. M. A. E. Claessens, A. R. Bausch, C. Schmitz, J. Curtis, W. Roos, S. Schulz, K. Uhrig, A. Roth, E. Sackmann, J. P. Spatz
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5)     V. K. Kodali, W. Roos, J. P. Spatz, J. E. Curtis
Cell-assisted assembly of colloidal crystallites
Soft Matter, 2007, Vol. 3, 337-348
        See also: Cell structure made crystal clear? (2007) Chem Biol 2: B11

4)     W. Roos, J. Ulmer, S. Gräter, T. Surrey, J. P. Spatz
Microtubule Gliding and Cross-Linked Microtubule Networks on Micropillar Interfaces
Nano Letters 2005, Vol. 5, 2630-2634

3)     C. Mohrdieck, A. Wanner, W. Roos, A. Roth, E. Sackmann, J.P. Spatz, E. Arzt
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2)     W. H. Roos, A. Roth, J. Konle, H. Presting, E. Sackmann, J. P. Spatz
Freely Suspended Actin Cortex Models on Arrays of Microfabricated Pillars
ChemPhysChem 2003, Vol. 4, 872-877

1)     M. Haupt, A. Ladenburger, R. Sauer, K. Thonke, R. Glass, W. Roos, J. P. Spatz, H. Rauscher, S. Riethmüller, M. Möller
Ultraviolet-emitting ZnO nanowhiskers prepared by a vapor transport process on prestructured surfaces with self-assembled polymers
J. Applied Physics 2003, Vol. 93, 6252-6257

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