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Any topics you would like to discuss with us - let us know!

  • Is it possible to have a career in science while working part-time?

  • How can I participate in outreach based on my research?

  • Is the tenure track system conducive in bringing out the best in researchers?

  • Is having a mentor possible and how do I find one?

When reading the above statements, how does it make you feel about your academic career? Do you feel that more can be done to make the best of your early career research phase in Groningen? Do statements such as these trigger something in you that you would like to further discuss?

We would like to know!

If you are a postdoc, tenure-track assistant, associate professor or non tenure track faculty member and would like to speak with Young Academy members on various career-related topics, please feel free to contact us!

Last modified:14 June 2023 4.24 p.m.