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Young Academy Groningen: When will Plan S be a success?

22 January 2019

On January 17th, the Young Academy Groningen (YAG) organised a Research Lunch together with Prof. Elmer Sterken, Rector Magnificus and the University Office. The topic on the menu was PlanS.

Plan S, developed by cOAlitionS is an initiative for Open Access publishing. In short, Plan S demands that research funded by grants, such as those from the NWO, are published open access. Both cOAlitionS and NWO are currently gathering feedback about this controversial plan. The YAG organized this meeting to provide an update on the most recent version of Plan S and to gather input regarding Plan S from researchers, deans and the rector of the UG.

"S in Plan S stands for science, speed, solution, shock."

First, Giulia Trentacosti (University library) presented all relevant facts about Plan S and discussed with the attendees what has to happen for the plan to be a success. Next, Susanne Täuber illustrated possible tensions Plan S could create for, among others, Veni laureates when the funders’ publishing requirements diverge from faculties’ publishing requirements.

"The journals we can publish in under PlanS are directly conflicting with the journals we are expected to publish in for career promotion."

In general, the two main worries that were identified during the meeting are:

  1. The possibility that the Netherlands will lose competitiveness internationally because most other countries (e.g., United States and Germany) have not joined the coalition
  2. Scientific quality might be compromised by a move to Open Access journals only.

Currently, the YAG is writing up these and other concerns to give feedback to cOAlitionS and NWO on Plan S.

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