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Research Van Swinderen Institute Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries (TRIµP)

Latest News

Capture of a single barium ion
Posted on:28 May 2013

The TRIµP group has achieved capturing a single barium ion in a Paul trap. The images show Coulomb crystals formed by a decreasing number of laser-cooled ions as detected with an EMCCD camera. This forms an important step towards the planned experiments on single radium ions to measure atomic parity violation and build an ultra-stable optical clock.

Vidi-grant to Steven Hoekstra
Posted on:21 May 2013

KVI-researcher Steven Hoekstra has been rewarded a Vidi-grant of NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. His application was entitled 'Using trapped molecules to search for dark matter'.

Article in the Dutch newspaper The Volkskrant
Posted on:20 March 2012

This article about the research at the KVI on a highly accurate navigation system using lasers and optical fibers was published recently in the dutch newspaper The Volkskrant.

Succes in FOM-projectruimte voor Steven Hoekstra
Posted on:01 January 2011

KVI-wetenschapper Steven Hoekstra heeft gescoord in de projectruimte van de Stichting FOM met een voorstel voor onderzoek naar gebroken spiegelsymmetrie in ultrakoude moleculen. Ten behoeve van een project voor vier jaar worden een promotiepositie (OIO), k€ 60 materieel budget en k€ 100 investeringsbudget ter beschikking gesteld.

Broken Mirrors and Drifting Constants
Posted on:25 November 2010

In a recently funded FOM program we will study the violation of fundamental symmetries and the time-variation of the constants. Using the most precise techniques available to us, we will measure small energy shifts in selected atoms and molecules.

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