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Parity violation

The common aim of the research line Low-energy precision physics at the Precision Frontier is to test the discrete symmetries in particle physics. This is done by placing a sensitive system (which can be a molecule, ion, atom or another particle) in a highly controlled environment, so that its properties can be very precisely measured. By comparing these precise measurements to equally precisely predicted properties, minute deviations due to new physics can be identified.

We have focused on parity violation in trapped ions, atoms and molecules, and recently concentrated our efforts on electric dipole moments (EDMs). Many theoretical extensions of the Standard Model predict the electron to have a dipole moment that is close to the current best experimental limit, making this a uniquely sensitive low-energy probe of physics beyond the Standard Model. In our eEDM research programme we use advanced techniques to manipulate cold molecules. To carry out and interpret this experiment, the VSI unites its theoretical and experimental expertise.

Last modified:10 October 2023 12.02 p.m.