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First Quantum Universe Symposium

The first 'Quantum Universe' (QU2) symposium will take place on Wednesday April 20 and Thursday April 21 2011, i.e. the week before Easter, at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The event is part of the new track The Quantum Universe of the Physics and Astronomy Master programmes, a collaboration between the Centre for Theoretical Physics (CTN), the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute,  the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI) and the Johann Bernoulli Institute (JBI).  The aim of the symposium is to present new developments, both theoretical and experimental, in (astro-)particle physics and astronomy and to stimulate interactions between the different institutes.

Wednesday April 20

10.00h-10.30h : Coffee and registration!

10.30h-11.30h : Sijbrand de Jong (Radboud University, Nijmegen): The Higgs: elusive, illusive, delusive

11.30h-12.10h : Rychard Bouwens (Sterrewacht Leiden): Using the new WFC3/IR camera on HST to discover how the first galaxies in the universe build-up and evolve

12.10h-12.30h : Patrick Bos (Kapteyn, Groningen): Less is more: How cosmic voids can shed light on dark energy

12.30h-14.00h : Lunch

14.00h-14.40h : Bert Schellekens (Nikhef, Amsterdam): The Standard Model, the Anthropic Principle, and the String Theory Landscape

14.40h-15.00h : Daniel Fraenkel (KVI, Groningen): Detection of the highest energy cosmic rays using decametric radiation

15.00h-15.20h : Siebren Reker (CTN, Groningen): Lattice QCD in the era of the LHC

15.20h-16.00h : Coffee

16.00h-17.00h : Licia Verde (ICC, Barcelona): Constraining fundamental physics with cosmology

17.00h-17.20h : Wojtek Hellwing (Warsaw University): Dark Matter and Dark Energy Large-Scale structure Laboratory

18.00h-20.00h : Drinks at 'Het Catshuys'.

Thursday April 21

9.00h-10.00h : David Tong (DAMTP, Cambridge): Putting String Theory to Work

10.00h-10.40h : Raul Jimenez (ICC, Barcelona): Fundamental Physics from Astronomical Observations

10.40h-11.10h : Coffee

11.10h-11.50h : Gijs Nelemans (Radboud University, Nijmegen): The origin of type Ia supernovae

11.50h-12.30h : Dorothea Samtleben (Nikhef, Amsterdam): Observing the High Energy Neutrino Sky

12.30h-12.50h : Irene Niessen (Radboud University, Nijmegen): Finding SUSY

12.50h-14.00h : Lunch

14.00h-14.40h : Henk Hoekstra (Sterrewacht Leiden): Weak lensing by large scale structure

14.40h-15.00h : Jordy de Vries (KVI, Groningen): Electric Dipole Moments as Probes of New Sources of CP-Violation [No PDF on web]

15.00h-15.20h : Marcos Guimarães (Zernike, Groningen): High-energy physics in a solid-state system

15.20h-16.00h : Coffee

16.00h-17.00h : Jacques Delabrouille (APC, Paris) (general Physics Colloquium): The Planck mission

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