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Research Van Swinderen Institute

Physics Colloquium Hein Otto Folkerts, ASML, Veldhoven

When:Th 03-10-2019 16:00 - 17:00
Where:FSE-Building 5111.0080

Speaker: Hein Otto Folkerts
Affiliation: ASML, Veldhoven
Title: Photonics as enabling technology for ASML lithography and metrology applications
Date: 3 October 2019
Start: 16:00 (doors open and coffee available at 15:30)
Location: FSE-Building 5111.0080
Host: Ronnie Hoekstra


ASML EUV lithography scanners are operational at customer sites. These systems are being used by semiconductor manufacturers to make advanced semiconductor chips in the N7 node and beyond. EUV is the preferred option for the critical layers due to the very significant reduction in process complexity offered by the superior resolution at 13.5nm exposure wavelength. Recent progress in EUV power scaling supports productivity and is one of the enablers for high volume manufacturing.

In this presentation we describe the technical challenges for scaling of key source parameters and provide an overview of state-of-the-art source architecture enabling stable and reliable performance at 250 Watts EUV power.

Next to source and imaging optics optical measurement systems play a critical role in optical lithography of semiconductor devices. A level sensor and alignment sensor are described that are used to measure, respectively, wafer height variations and the wafer location prior to resist exposure.

Another sensor is an angle-resolved scatterometer that is used to measure the shape (CD) and placement (Overlay) of the resist patterns. We will show how these sensors deal with the challenge of realizing sub-nm precision on a large variety of product stacks in the presence of process variations.