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Research Van Swinderen Institute

Physics Colloquium, Raimond Snellings, University of Utrecht

When:Th 25-04-2019 16:00 - 17:00
Where:FSE-Building 5111.0080

Speaker: Raimond Snellings
Affiliation: University of Utrecht

Recreating droplets of primordial soup, 500 times per second with the LHC

Date: 25 April 2019
Start: 16:00 (Doors open and coffee available at 15:30)
Location: FSE-Building 5111.0080
Host: Johan Messchendorp


One of the fundamental questions in the field of subatomic physics is what happens to matter at extreme densities and temperatures as may have existed in the first microseconds after the Big Bang and exists, perhaps, in the core of dense neutron stars. The aim of heavy-ion physics is to collide nuclei at very high energies and thereby create such a state of matter in the laboratory.

In this talk I will discuss our current understanding of this new state of matter based on measurements from the ALICE experiment at the LHC.