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Research Van Swinderen Institute

VSI Seminar: Anupam Mazumdar, Van Swinderen Institute

When:Th 24-03-2022 15:00 - 16:00
Where:Zoom Meeting

Anupam Mazumdar

Quantum gravity induced entanglement between two quantum states of matter

We will show how the quantum interaction entangles the steady states of a closed system (eigenstates) of two test masses placed in the harmonic traps, and how such a quantum matter-matter interaction emerges from an underlying quantum gravitational field. We will rely upon quantum perturbation theory highlighting the critical assumptions for generating a quantum matter-matter interaction and showing that a classical gravitational field does not render such an entanglement. We will consider two distinct examples; one where the two harmonic oscillators are static and interact via an exchange of a virtual spin-2 and spin-0 components of the graviton, and the other where the harmonic oscillators are non-static and interact with a virtual graviton corresponding to the gravitational wave beside the static components of the graviton propagator. The quantum nature of the gravitons interacting with the harmonic oscillators are responsible for creating an entangled state with the ground and the excited states of harmonic oscillators as the Schmidt basis.

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