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Research Van Swinderen Institute

Lunch seminar: New results for de Sitter vacua in string theory

When:Fr 27-03-2015 12:30 - 13:30

Timm Wrase


Vienna University of Technology

New results for de Sitter vacua in string theory


In this talk I will present recent progress in the understanding of de Sitter (dS) vacua in string theory and supergravity. After reviewing the observations that show that our universe is very well described by a dS vacuum, I will discuss two new results related to the construction of dS vacua: The first is a novel approach that allows us to construct analytic families of dS vacua in supergravity and string theory. In the second part I will argue that supersymmetry breaking in the KKLT construction of dS vacua is spontaneous and motivate the corresponding N=1 Kaehler and superpotential from an anti-D3-brane in a flux background.