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Research Van Swinderen Institute

Lunch seminar Wout Merbis

When:Tu 15-12-2015 12:30 - 13:30


Wout Merbis


Vienna University of Technology


Stress tensor correlation functions from flat space 3D holography


One of the most remarkable advances in our understanding of quantum gravity has been the development of the AdS/CFT correspondence, which provides a concrete realization of the holographic principle. But many believe that holography is more general than AdS/CFT and could be extended to gravity theories with different asymptotic behavior. In this talk I will highlight some recent advances in flat space holography. In particular, I will focus on the relation between pure Einstein gravity in three dimensions and a two dimensional quantum field theory with so-called Galilean conformal symmetry. We'll discuss how we can compute all boundary stress tensor n-point correlation functions recursively in both the bulk and boundary and hence provide a check for a 3D/2D flat space holographic correspondence.