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Research Van Swinderen Institute

Lunch seminar Thomas Van Riet

When:We 06-05-2015 12:30 - 13:30


Thomas Van Riet


K.U. Leuven


The many faces of brane-flux annihilation.


Flux solutions in string theory, such as flux compactifications, can decay via continous changes in the solution (moduli) or via discrete changes in topological data, such as flux quanta and brane charges. I will explain how the latter occurs. The process of brane and flux decay is analogues to Schwinger pair creation in QED and can entirely be understood in 10-dimensional supergravity by analysing the worldvolume action of NS5 branes and Dp branes.

The key concepts of my talk involve: a generalisation of the Myers effect, RR tadpoles, Brown-Teitelboim bubbles and fractional branes. I will focus on the big picture and try to skectch what all these concepts mean.