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Research Van Swinderen Institute

Bachelor Project seminar: Jordi Smit

When:Fr 14-07-2023 13:30 - 14:30
Where:VSI Seminar room, 5111.0135

"Baryon number non-conservation around black holes"

According to the No-hair theorem (Israel-Carter conjecture), Electrovacuum solutions to the Einstein field equations do not admit baryon number to black holes. This seems to be in violation of the conservation of baryon number. The energy-momentum tensor for massive spin-1 bosons is introduced in an attempt to get baryon number in black holes. The no-hair theorem is discussed, after which the concept of gauge invariance and conserved charges is introduced. Symmetries of the standard model are analyzed, and it is concluded that the baryon number conservation must come from the strong force. A local U(1) symmetry relating to baryon number is considered to give rise to a gauge boson carrying baryon number. The Higgs mechanism is introduced as a way to spontaneously break the local symmetry back to the Standard Model gauge group.