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Measuring and Imagining Spatial Design: integrating geospatial measurements and virtual realities to support spatial skills of students in collaborative spatial planning and design.

Date:31 May 2022
Measuring and Imagining Spatial Design
Measuring and Imagining Spatial Design

Complex spatial problems in urban areas require the integration of knowledge from different perspectives to make informed urban design decisions. In this project we develop a teaching module including a Geospatialreality toolset, that enables the use of spatial data for designing an urban area informed by quantitative measurements of spatial features and subjective experiences in a Virtual Reality environment. The toolset will be interactive and dynamic: changes in the design will affect the quantitative measurements and the experience in VR. The module will learn how to create a design with iterative and collaborative methods, enabling a transdisciplinary approach. infonet/medewerkers/actueel/ news/five-ug-lecturers- receive-comenius-grants