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Research ENTEG Product Technology

Research topics

Lignin based materials

Y. Fan, D. S. Zijlstra, P. Raffa, P. J. Deuss

Supercritical CO2 drying of starch

F. Perondi, H. J. Heeres, F. Picchioni, J. Yue

Catalytic conversion of CO2 into cyclic and polymeric carbonates (heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis)

G. Chiarioni, J. Chen, P.P. Pescarmona

Catalytic upgrade of glycerol into valuable products (heterogeneous catalysis)

J. Li, P.P. Pescarmona

Zeolites in macroscopic bead format with hierarchical porosity for application as heterogeneous catalysts and as CO2 adsorbents.

D.G. Boer, Z. Asgar Pour, P.P. Pescarmona

Gallium oxide and aluminium oxide nanoscaled catalysts for green epoxidations with hydrogen peroxide

G. Chiarioni, P.P. Pescarmona

Synthesis of carbon-based ordered mesoporous catalysts

P.P. Pescarmona

Synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts in supercritical CO2 medium

S. Li, P.P. Pescarmona

Photocatalysts for the degradation of water pollutants

S. LiP.P. Pescarmona

Electrocatalysts for green hydrogen production by water splitting

S.Poli, P.P. Pescarmona

Electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 into useful products

M.Miola, P.P. Pescarmona

Electrocatalytic upgrade of biobased compounds into useful products

J.C. Cassanovas, J. HongP.P. Pescarmona

Electrocatalytic oxidation of water into hydrogen peroxide.

M.Miola, P.P. Pescarmona

Solvent-free synthesis of polymer thin films and coatings

A. Mukherjee, J. Guo, R.K. Bose

Polymer foaming using supercritical CO2

G. de Macedo Rooweder Lima, R.K. Bose, F. Picchioni

Self-healing, thermoreversible and recyclable polymer networks

P. van den Tempel, J.Guo, R.K. Bose

Polymer structure-property-processing relationships

R.K. Bose

New polymeric surfactants for enhanced oil recovery (in collaboration with Shell and SNF)

A. Guzik, P. Raffa

From sugar industry side stream to coatings and other polymeric materials (in collaboration with DSM and Royal Cosun)

J. Jongstra, C. Koning, P. Raffa

Functional polymeric materials for soft robotic at microscale via 2 photon 3D printing (in collaboration with IIT, Italy)

F. den Hoed, P. Raffa

Conductive hydrogels based on IPN for biomedical strain sensors  

Z. Zhang, P. Raffa

Modification of starch in supercritical CO2 for new sustainable materials and processes  

M. Lenti, P. Raffa

Sustainable super absorbent polymers from bio-based building blocks

Jingyin Chen, P. Raffa

Nanoengineered electrocatalysts for syngas production in solid oxide electrolysers

J.R.F. Maring, A. Zarkadoulas, V. Kyriakou

Green hydrogen production pathways using protonic ceramic cell reactors

N. Li, V. Kyriakou

Electrochemical synthesis of green ammonia at low pressures

W. Li, V. Kyriakou

Low cost electrocatalysts for alkaline water electrolysis

T. Jiang, V. Kyriakou

Electrocatalysis for electrochemical dewatering of biomass

V. Kyriakou

Modelling of chemical EOR using nanoparticles

P.D. Druetta

Modelling of screw extruders

T. Kousemaker, P.D. Druetta

CFD applied to engineering

P.D. Druetta

Design of biopolymer gels for (bio)engineering applications

R. A. M. Yunus, D. Parisi, F. Picchioni

Enhancement of the rheological properties of recycled polymers via additives

D. Parisi

Alteration of the crystalline properties of polyolefins

D. Parisi

Molecular strategies to optimize polymer processes (extrusion, injection molding, 3D printing)

D. Parisi

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