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Wouter Hinrichs


Bolhuis GK, Eissens AC, Zoestbergen E

DC Calcium lactate, a new filler-binder for direct compaction of tablets

Int J Pharm, 221, 77-86, 2001


Eriksson HJC, Somsen GW, Hinrichs WLJ, Frijlink HW, de Jong GJ

Characterization of human placental alkaline phosphate by activity and protein assays, capillary electrophoresis and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

J Chromatogr B, 755, 311-319, 2001


Hinrichs WLJ, Prinsen MG, Frijlink HW

Inulin glasses for the stabilization of therapeutic proteins

Int J Pharm, 215, 163-174, 2001


Steendam R, Frijlink HW, Lerk CF

Plasticisation of amylodextrin by moisture. Consequences for compaction behaviour and tablet properties

Eur J Pharm Sci, 14, 245-254, 2001


Steendam R, van Steenbergen MJ, Hennink WE, Frijlink HW, Lerk CF

Effect of molecular weight and glass transition on relaxation and release behaviour of poly(DL-lactic acid) tablets

J Control Release, 70, 71-82, 2001


Wesselingh JA, Bosma JC

Protein ion-exchange adsorption kinetics

AIChE, 47, 1571-1580, 2001

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