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Research Ouderengeneeskunde
University Medical Center Groningen

Curriculum Vitae Joris P.J. Slaets, M.D, PhD.

Joris P.J. Slaets, M.D, PhD.


Groningen University Hospital

Depts. of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

P.O. Box 30 001

9700 RB Groningen

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 50 361 29 43

Fax: + 31 50 361 90 69




Joris Peter Josef Slaets was born on 13th August 1953 in Belgium. He studied medicine at the Catholic University in Leuven (Belgium). He did his training for Geronto-Psychiatry and Internal Medicine in The Hague (The Netherlands). He followed a practical training in the Queen’s University of Nottingham (United Kingdom). His registration as Clinical Geriatrician followed in 1986.

In 1994 he obtained his doctorate at Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) with a thesis on an intervention study with the elderly in the department of Internal Medicine.

He was head of the department of Geriatrics in Leyenburg Hospital in The Hague for ten years. On 1st January 1998 he was appointed professor of Geriatrics at the University of Groningen and is employed in the department of Internal Medicine / Geriatrics in Groningen University Hospital. He has filled various executive positions on the board in relation to elderly care and is active in many areas of scientific studies including program manager in BIOMED studies.
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