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Research Ouderengeneeskunde
University Medical Center Groningen

Curriculum Vitae Nynke Frieswijk, MA

Nynke Frieswijk, MA

Department of Social and Organizational Psychology
University of Groningen
Grote Kruisstraat 2/1
9712 TS Groningen
Tel.: +31 50 3636431
Fax: +31 50 3634581


Nynke Frieswijk studied social psychology at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), and graduated in 1999. Since then, she has been a Ph.D. student at the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology of this university under the supervision of Prof.dr. B.P.Buunk, Dr. N.Steverink and Prof.dr. J.P.J.Slaets. As of January 2004, she will start a fellowship on social-oncological research by the Dutch Cancer Institute.
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