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About us FEB Research / FEB FEB Research Institute (FEBRI) Research programme OPERA 10th Service Operations Management Forum and 8th International Seminar on Service Modularity

The theme of the Forum and the Seminar

About the Forum and Seminar

Both the SOMF and the Service Modularity Forum are events supported by EurOMA that aim to be meeting places for researchers and practitioners with an interest in research in the areas of Service SCM, Service Operations and Service Modularity. After the successful and inspiring joint event in Copenhagen 2017, the University of Groningen hosts the follow-up meeting in January 2019. The joint event will foster in-depth discussions in relatively small settings to enhance collaboration, to provide feedback and to generate insights and new ideas.

The theme

As a consequence of specialization and demand complexity, customers (clients, citizens) are increasingly served by service supply chains, networks and service triads. Firms and institutes not only have to manage their internal operations, they also have to decide what to outsource, how and with whom to collaborate, and how to manage customers throughout the chain. Digitalization has enhanced, but maybe also complicated, ways of delivering, collaborating and coordinating along the chain and making the right choices and trade-offs between performance objectives such as cost efficiency, quality, speed, flexibility, dependability and innovation. Service modularity is one of the interesting and promising approaches to integrating and coordinating multiple service components, process parts or providers in a customized and efficient service package and experience. Papers on all related topics are invited.

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