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Research Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research Inclusive and Special Needs Education and Child and Family Welfare

Inclusive and Special Needs Education and Child and Family Welfare

The point of our expertise group is the individual-in-context. Contexts include the family, peers, teachers, counselors but also the educational system, welfare organizations, society and policy. Using a transactional, developmental and (dynamic)system-oriented perspective our aim is to improve the assessment, decision making, and support of individuals and families that face challenges in various domains (e.g., learning, sensory-motor, cognitive, behavioral, socio-emotional, parenting); both from a basic as well as applied perspective. Ultimately, the goal is to contribute to (youth) care and educational settings that deliver high-quality equitable support such that individuals feel empowered to fully develop their potential, being able to flourish and participate in society. We have strong and long-lasting collaborations with societal and clinical partners nationally and internationally, and we try to involve youth, families and practitioners in our efforts as much as possible by taking a participatory approach.

The members of the expertise group are involved in different teaching activities regarding the bachelor and master programs, like the Bachelor Pedagogical and Educational Sciences (Dutch), Master Special Needs Education and Youth Care (Dutch), Master Youth, Society and Policy (English), Master Deafblindness (English) and Master Educational Sciences (English/Dutch).

There are two units, of which one mainly focuses on Inclusive and Special Needs Education, and the other unit on Child and Family Welfare.

Chairs: Pauline Schreuder (Inclusive and Special Needs Education) and Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff (Child and Family Welfare)

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