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Research Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research Educational Effectiveness

Educational Effectiveness

This research unit focuses on "what works why in education" and has two key objectives. The first is to explain why some students, teachers and schools do better than others, in terms of cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes. The second is to integrate basic and applied research in such a way that its results are relevant and applicable for educational practice and contribute to more evidence-based education.

Therefore, the whole spectrum from micro-level classroom studies into learning and instruction and the optimal design of learning environments, to meso-level organizational studies into school organization, leadership and professional learning, to macro-level system evaluations through national assessments, policy evaluations, and system level monitoring through repeated cohort-studies is covered. This is supported by more fundamental statistical work covering multilevel models, issues of replicability and the use of statistics, and agreement or association coefficients in classifications.

Chair: Hanke Korpershoek

Last modified:17 March 2022 4.33 p.m.