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Quantum physics in secondary school

Not many topics in secondary school physics appeal so much to students’ fascination and imagination like quantum physics. However, quantum physics is also one of the topics that are most difficult to grasp. Compared to what they earlier learned in physics lessons, learning quantum physics means that students have to take a different perspective on the physical world. Quantum physics might also provide students with novel ideas on the way scientists produce knowledge. In this project, we aimed at giving an overview of the position of quantum physics in high school curricula. We further investigate the relationship between students’ learning of quantum concepts and their views on the nature of science and explore possible consequences for teachers’ classroom practice.

Researchers: Kirsten Stadermann, Martin Goedhart

In collaboration with: Ed van den Berg

Key publications

Stadermann, H. K. E., van den Berg, E., & Goedhart, M. J. (2019). Analysis of secondary school quantum physics curricula of 15 different countries: Different perspectives on a challenging topic. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 15(1), 010130.

Last modified:09 December 2019 11.26 a.m.