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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Groningen Central Station

The best way to reach Groningen is via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (sometimes referred to as: ‘Schiphol’ or ‘Amsterdam Airport’), the main airport in the Netherlands. This airport has direct flight connections to airports all over the world. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the major airline in the Netherlands.

The distance between Groningen Central Station and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is about 227 km (= 141 miles). There are three options for travelling from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Groningen Central Station.

  • Train
    There is a direct train connection between Schiphol Airport and Groningen Central Station. It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. On the website of the Dutch railway company ('Nederlandse Spoorwegen' or NS) you can find all the information you need, including buying tickets and ticket prices.
    Dutch railway
  • Schiphol Business Taxi services
    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport also offers different taxi services. There are so-called ‘combined’, ‘private’ and ‘business services’ (in order of expensiveness). This option is of course more expensive than to go by train, but they will drop you off at your hotel in Groningen. A combined service between Amsterdam Schiphol and Groningen (without extra luggage) costs about € 120 per person.
    Schiphol Business Taxi services
  • Rent a car
    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport also offers the possibility to rent a car, but since public transportation is typically very well-organized in the Netherlands this is probably not necessary.

    Rent a car

Some important notes

  • After arrival at Schiphol, you can buy a train ticket via a machine or at the Tickets & Service Counter at Schiphol Plaza. You will need a single-use chipcard; this card is especially for infrequent travelers.
  • You have to get out of the train at Groningen Central Station (or simply ‘Groningen’), not at Groningen Noord or Groningen Europapark. For the train from Schiphol this is the final destination so you cannot miss it.
  • It is best to buy two one-way tickets as most return tickets have to be used on the same day or within a weekend. A one-way ticket between Amsterdam Schiphol and Groningen costs about € 26 for the second class and about € 43 for first class. The first class is typically quiet and you will have some more room.

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