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Information Technology for Healthy Aging and E-Health Lab (ITHAL)

ITHAL focuses on those aspects of healthy aging and e-health in which information technology can play an essential role. It is an incubator for new ideas and an interface for connections and relations with sponsors, companies, IT researchers, medical doctors, students, volunteers, patients, families and the media.

ITHAL was created to generate new ideas on how to use information technology, notably computer systems to improve people’s health. We provide innovative IT solutions in the area of e-health for people, patients, family doctors and medical specialists.
ITHAL assembles multi-disciplinary teams of IT researchers, medical doctors, business partners, and end users to design, develop and deploy IT innovations for health care.
ITHAL also provides education and resources that are helpful to patients, families, students, researchers, and the community.
Last modified:19 February 2015 12.04 p.m.