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PhD Ceremony AGNESE BELLINA (CIRR), Temporalities of rexistance in times of environmental crisis

When:Th 28-03-2024 12:45 - 13:45
Where:Academy building

A. (Agnese) Bellina will defend her doctoral thesis on Thursday 28 March 2024.

Temporalities of rexistance in times of environmental crisis
Pluralising time and property relations to repoliticise the environment


  • Prof. Dr L.E. Lobo-Guerrero
  • Dr S.A. Alt

The dissertation is conceived as a space of inquiry into the plural temporalities that inhabit current times of environmental crisis. This analysis attends to the need to repoliticise environmental discourses and practices by engaging with a materialist pluralization of time. The dissertation argues that such a repoliticisation requires a problematization of the modern idea of time capable of disrupting the transhistorical character of the modern temporal and conceptual categories. In engaging with this, the dissertation inquiries into the processes through which a dominant way of organizing time within a given social formation shapes specific modes of relating to the environment, and demonstrates how alternative modes of relating to the environment bring forth a plurality of temporalities, allowing us to enable more just socioecological arrangements. It is argued that the modern notion of time and regime of ownership are articulated in conjunction with one another in a way that concurs to determine self-identical socioecological arrangements that ought not to be conceived as universal but rather as always open to the disruptiveness of plural temporalities of rexistance conceptualized as grounded political practices of existence and resistance from within and from beyond the naturalisation of the modern conceptual framework. The dissertation shows how alternative political, legal and economic systems can bring forth the restoration, resignification and anticipation of more just ways of being together by means of experimenting with the (im)possibility of a politics of translation which attends to the commonality of being together without reducing differences to sameness and equivalence.

The University Library publishes the thesis digitally after the defence ceremony.