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GCHH - Make an Impact with Health Humanities

When:We 06-03-2024 15:00 - 17:00
Where:Room 1312.0013, Harmonie building

Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities

No-one said being a junior academic was easy. You write your dissertation, try to get your articles published, and dream up your next grant proposal, all while attempting to stay reasonably healthy. If you have a moment to spare between all this, you might just find the time for that gnawing question: does it actually matter? Granted, most academics are able to explain the relevance of their research, but there can remain a gap between relevance and impact. How do you get the fruits of your academic labor out into society and make a difference? While often an afterthought or final ‘box-to-tick’ in grant proposals, this event will place impact at center-stage, discussing tips and best-practices with our expert speakers.

What? An interactive session on how you can incorporate the insights from your work in Health Humanities into society at large, contributing to societal debates, raising awareness and maybe even influence policy
For whom? Early Career Scholars in any field related to health and humanities

Speakers :

  • Dr. Sarah Willemsen (Impact Officer & Project Manager Arts Festival)
  • Jelle Posthuma (Impact-journalist/ science-journalist Schools for Science & Society)

If you are interested in joining the meeting, please sign up by emailing us at m.pietersma