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Democracy & Governance colloquium - Human Mobility & Migration Lab: 'REpair: Cost Action Porposal'

When:Th 25-04-2024 12:00 - 13:30
Where:Grey room, House of Connections
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Democracy & Governance research colloquium

Migration affects virtually all aspects of contemporary human life on the planet, across time and space. As such it is an epiphenomenon. This presentation introduces a COST Action, REpair, which proposes to study specific aspects of this epiphenomenon. It is an initiative of the Human Mobility and Migration Lab, situated within the Rudolf Agricola School for Sustainable Development and operating under the umbrella of the Democracy and Governance theme.

The action focuses on dissonances within migration contexts between governance and lived experience at all levels. Proposing the notion of REpair, the initiative aims to bring together European researchers, working on migration issues, to explore, identify, and research such dissonances. Embedded within existing scholarship and aiming to augment them from an interdisciplinary perspective, REpair engages with issues such as: technology and migration; art, technology and migration; border policies and practices; translocal and transnational (dis)connectivities; infrastructural linkages of migrant networks and local support; migration narratives; local, national, international and transnational forms of migration governance.

The notion of REpair aims to assess how dissonances between governance and lived experiences in migration contexts emerge as rapidly proliferating translocal connectivities and processes. REpair engages with existing scholarship, advancing it where possible to improve the work of migration practitioners and the situation of local, transnational, and translocal actors.

The presentation aims to gain insights from experts. We will present the current state of the proposal and hope to receive critical, constructive feedback on possible improvements. We also hope to interest members of the UG scholarly community to collaborate within this contex

Dr. S. Neuman-Stanivukovic (IR, s.neuman-stanivukovic
Dr. J. den Toonder (ETC, j.m.l.den.toonder
Dr. T. Lanz (IR, t.lanz