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Social Psychology

A Social Identity Perspective on Psychological Resilience

How members of socially disadvantaged groups cope with subtle discrimination and prejudice.Importantly, drs Jolien van Breen, shows that members of disadvantaged groups are more resilient than previously thought.

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Mindwise Podcast

A Broader Definition Of Beauty

about body dissatisfaction. Why does it arise, and how can we change people's attitudes towards their body? We talk about the influence of social media and TV, different types of comparing, and the different outcomes of body dissatisfaction.
How should we combat this? Should changes happen on a cultural or personal level?
-recorded on 3 October 2017 (new window)

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The Consequences Of Education

People’s level of formal education is related to a wide range of economic and psychological outcomes. It is therefore surprising that the effects of education have not been studied more in psychology. I focus on whether education can form the basis of a group identity and how people evaluate higher and lower educated groups and individuals. I argue that the democratization of education has had (unintended?) psychological and ideological consequences.

Getting Better With Age?

Increasingly, people need to work longer – how well are they prepared to meet this challenge? In this talk I will present emerging evidence that older workers have emotional strengths that help them stay well and be effective at work.

Earthquakes, Emotions and Actions

Groningen is the scene of a slowly unfolding disaster due to earthquakes caused by gas extraction. In this talk prof. dr. Tom Postmes illustrates and elaborates the role of collective emotions in predicting action and inaction in situations such as this.

Explaining the Inexplicable?

Being a victim of violence, losing someone one loves – these are life events we feel a need to explain and make sense of. Dr. Katherine Stroebe talks about how people’s underlying worldviews may be key to understanding who or what we see as causing important outcomes in life.

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Mindwise Podcast

Applied Research Worldwide

about her current research project in Sri Lanka, her passion for applied research, the importance of taking initiative (Bachelor students listen up!!) and much more.
-recorded on 25 July 2015(new window)

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