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The archaeological collection of the Faculty of Arts

The archaeological collection
The archaeological collection

The Groningen Institute of Archaeology of the Faculty of Arts holds a collection of around 5,000 archaeological objects from across Europe. The collection was acquired by the former Biologisch-Archaeologisch Instituut in the period 1910-1962. The collection comprises objects bought from local collectors and objects from foreign institutes that were exchanged for Dutch antiquities. Because of its long time depth, the collection holds finds from well-known archaeological sites such as Bouqras, Carnac, Hallstatt and Spiennes. A new inventory is currently being made with the help of master students in archaeology resulting in a database and a series of research papers on selected objects (see below).  

3D model of a pyxis from the GIA collection
3D model of a pyxis from the GIA collection

Some of the objects from the GIA collection have been scanned and are now available as 3D models on sketchfab. The Geometric pyxis displayed here is only one example.

A hunting-cup from Nijmegen    

Tamara Maliepaard MA

A shield knob from the Roman period

Isabel van der Velde MA

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