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Customized support for schools and teachers across the whole pipeline: what works for what?

Project supervised by Michelle Helms-Lorenz ( & Ridwan Maulana (

What support fits for whom and under what circumstances? Issues facing our region include teacher shortages, the challenge of developing differentiation skills, learner motivation and providing equal opportunities for students of different backgrounds and personality characteristics. With regard to teacher shortages, it is known that, on average, the more support provided the more entry-level teachers are retained for the profession. It is also known that teachers quit early in the final years of the profession. Since there are different reasons for staying or not staying in the profession, it has also been shown that measures also work against each other. From an efficiency point of view, we are looking for answers to the question of which (combinations of) support measures that can facilitate the realization of specific objectives and which (combination of) measures hinder the realization of specific objectives in certain contexts. The context can be the region but also another (international context). Would you like to contribute to this important search with a PhD research project?

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