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Study of the integral development of preschool children (EDIP)

The study of the integral development of preschool children (EDIP) is focused on the development of young Mexican children throughout the preschool period (3 to 6 years old). This longitudinal study aims to depict how executive functions, pre-academic skills, social-emotional competence and motor skills develop and relate during the early childhood years. We will assess the invariance of the constructs, extract socioemotional profiles and study the relations between cognitive and motor skills as well as explore cognitive- socioemotional relations. All analysis will be conducted by means of structural equation models.

This research project is funded by CONACYT Mexico.


Fabiola Figueroa Esquivel (PhD student)
Mayra Mascareño Lara
Esther Hartman
Jan-Willem Strijbos

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