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Rosalind Franklin Fellowships - Tenure track for promising female academic staff

In 2007 the Faculty of Law started to include tenure track positions into the faculty’s personnel policy, to recruit essential, top quality expertise. Participation in the Rosalind Franklin Fellowship Programme aims at talented international tenure track researchers.

The position will be for a maximum of six years as tenure track researcher at the level of Assistant Professor (Universitair Docent; UD). After five years, the performance of the assistant professor will be assessed. A positive assessment will lead to a tenured appointment and a promotion to adjunct professor (Universitair Hoofddocent; UHD). An adjunct professor has the ius promovendi, i.e. the right to formally complete the supervision of PhD students and is entitled, but not obliged, to run his/her own independent research unit. After another 4-7 years the adjunct professor may apply for promotion to full professor.

Intake in the second stage of tenure track is a possible option based upon experience and track record of the candidate.

For a detailed description of the tenure track career path, please see the Tenure Track Memorandum.

Conditions of employment

Please visit the University's webpages for the conditions of employment .

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