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Programme council

Each research programme is led by two or three senior researchers who are responsible for the programme's line of research and for its implementation and evaluation. The programme leaders together form the programme council, which is chaired by the director of research, and within which faculty research policy is discussed. The faculty board's research portfolio holder, the director of the Groningen Graduate School of Law (GGSL) and the chair of the Scientific Research and Ethics Committee (CWB) also serve on the programme council.

The council provides a platform to exchange ideas and allows for proper coordination between programmes. The council also advises the faculty board on programme-related matters. The composition of the council aims for an effective feedback loop in two directions: faculty policy is discussed with the programmes and information and advice from the programmes is used as input for this faculty policy. Below, you can find an overview of the programme council members:

prof. mr. dr. F.A. Nelissen (Director of Research)
prof. mr. F. Brandsma (UPL/Sources of Byz. Rom. Law)
prof. dr. I.J.J. Burgers (RIMGO)
prof. dr. A.L.B. Colombi Ciacchi (PIPR)
prof. mr. dr. K.J. de Graaf (LES)
mr. dr. J. Lindeboom (RIMGO)
prof. K.K. Lindenberg (ECL)
prof. dr. P. Merkouris (TLS)
prof. mr. dr. S.A.J. Munneke (PTPL)
prof. mr. dr. C.M.D.S. Pavillon (PIPR)
prof. mr. dr. L. Squintani (LES)
prof. dr. mr. H.D. Tolsma (PTPL)
prof. mr. dr. A.J. Verheij (UPL)
prof. dr. P.C. Westerman (TLS)
prof. dr. E. Woerdman (LES)
prof. mr. dr. M.H. ten Wolde (PIPR)
prof. M.J.F. van der Wolf (ECL)
prof. dr. R.A. Wessel (PH Research)
prof. mr. dr. A.R. Mackor (Chair CWB)
prof. dr. mr. A. Tollenaar (Director GGSL)
N. Kleinenberg-Scheurer, BA (management information officer)
C.I. Penninga-Lin, LLM MSc (policy officer)

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