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University Medical Center Groningen


1-10 July 2020
A course on clinical and experimental Oncology
Summer School Oncology in the UMCG in 2016
Summer School Oncology in the UMCG in 2016

The Medical University of Vienna and the University of Groningen/ University Medical Center Groningen collaborate in the organisation of the annual Medical Sciences Summer School Oncology for Medical Students. The Summer School is organized alternatingly in Groningen (even years) and Vienna (odd years). This July the school will take place in Groningen!

The goal of the Summer Schools is to teach a multidisciplinary approach to oncology to medical students before they enter the clinic. The first Summer School in Groningen was held in 1996 and in Vienna in 1999. Students that participated in the Summer schools have been extremely satisfied with the organisation, scientific content and topic range.

Course aims:

❖     To teach a multidisciplinary approach to oncology to medical students in the final phase of their studies.

❖     To help students become familiar with cancer care in general health practice, to reduce fear of patients with a malignant disease and to learn more about cancer related problems in other countries.

❖     To introduce cancer related research & development, new technologies in diagnostic procedures (invasive and non-invasive) and modern multi-disciplinary treatment approaches.

❖     To become familiar with preparing abstracts and posters and presenting at an international meeting.

❖     To encourage critical scientific reasoning and the development of collaboration, and communication skills with peers from all around the world and to help establish an international network.


❖     The educational program consists of interactive lectures and workshops. Students will focus on general aspects of cancer including biological aspects, diagnostic approaches, clinical issues and psycho-oncology. The lectures are given by medical, radiation and surgical oncologist, radiologists, physicists and psycho-oncologists.

❖     The workshops and interactive courses go in into more depth on the topics discussed in the lectures. The aim is to teach students how to deal with daily problems in clinical practice. In addition, students will have time to improve their abstract and prepare a poster at the end of the course. Writing and presentation skills will be practiced and improved during tutor guided sessions.

❖     Students make an informative exam before and at the end of the summer school covering the main course contents in order to evaluate and document the learning experience and knowledge obtained.


Period 1-10 July 2020
Location University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen


Includes: housing, breakfast, lunch, half of the dinners, the educational and social activities, bikes

Course language English
Number of participants 30 students
Certificate After participating in the entire educational and research course

Before the 15th of March

Summer School Oncology 2016
Summer School Oncology 2016
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