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Research Graduate School for the Humanities Research Current PhD research

Class of 2018

PhD candidates are affiliated to one of the following research institutes:

Centre for Language and Cognition

Project Title
Research Group
Bardagil Mas, B. (Bernat) - PhD ceremony 20 September 2018
Commentaar op een gedeelte van 'Contra Celsum' van Origenes
Glatz, T.K. (Toivo) - PhD ceremony 29 October 2018
Goot, R.M. van der (Rob)
Parsing algorithms for uncertain input
Herder, A.A. (Anke)
Interactioneel taalgebruik en kennisconstructie tijdens samen schrijven door basisschoolleerlingen
Hollander, J.V. den (Jacolien)
Diagnosing apraxia of speech using EEG
Jong, F. de (Folkert) - PhD ceremony 22 November 2018
Manni, F. (Franz) - PhD ceremony 6 July 2017
Martínez Rebolledo, C. (Camilla)
Specific neurophysiological markers and the use of serious gaming for SLI and dyslexia diagnosis
Ooms, J.A. (Joëlle)
De rol van angst en andere emoties in het overtuigingsproces bij fear appeals
Pot, A. (Anna)
Communication never ages: Language attrition and remediation in multilingual elderly - language choice and adapted language use
Effectiveness of explicit vs implicit L2 instruction
Schep, H.H. (Ellen)
Attachment in interaction
Schreurs, L. (Leanne)
Linguistic expressions of hospitality in Spanish and English
Setten, E.R.H. van (Ellie)
Neurolinguistic profiles of developmental dyslexia in a longitudinal perspective
Seuren, L.M. (Lucas) - PhD ceremony 5 April 2018

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Name Project Title Research Group
Hansen, A.M. (Annette) The agricultural economy of Islamic Jordan, from the Arab conquest to the Ottoman period Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Jong, M.E. de (Margje) From historical data to a prediction of the future for geese on Arctic tundra Arctic and Antarctic Studies
Kalenderian, V. (Vana) Osteological Analyses and an evaluation of mortuary Practices and cultural exchange Greek Archaeology
Krol, T.N. (Tessa) Anglo-Saxon pottery of the Northern Netherlands in a regional and cultural context Pre- and Protohistory
Lawton-Matthews, E. (Elizabeth) Investigating hunter-gatherer social complexity, cultural diversity and modes of exchange in Northeast Asia Greek Archaeology
Matthews, S.G. (Steven) Techniques and Society: A use -wear analysis of the metalwork from the Middle Bronze Age of North-western Europe Pre- and Protohistory
Panagiotopoulou, E. (Eleni) - PhD ceremony 13 September 2018 Reconstructing diet, tracing mobility: Isotopic approach to social change during the transition from the Bronze to the Early Iron Age in Thessaly, Greece Greek Archaeology
Popta, Y.T. van (Yftinus) From sweet to salt: dynamics of the maritime cultural landscape of the Northeastern Zuiderzee between 1100 and 1400 AD. An interdisciplinary and spatial approach Pre- and Protohistory
Westing, H.W.M. van (Hans) Ter voorkoming van kaperijen, uytschuddingen, roverijen e.a. schaden! De bewapening van koopvaarders en vissersschepen, ca. 1350-ca. 1800 Pre- and Protohistory

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture

Project Title
Research Group
The role of energy resources in conflict management. Dynamics and actors in cooperation and conflict in the Caspian Sea region. Case study: Nagorno-Karabakh
Blerck, H.J.J.C.M. van (Henk)
The narrative approach in Dutch landscape design of the post-war re-allotment landscapes (1945-1970) and its significance for landscape design in present-day participatory planning and cultural heritage management
Blokzijl, T.R. (Tjark)
Emperors and Decuriones. Acceptation and diffusion of imperial ideology, culture and mentality in Roman Italy (90BC-AD68)
Cabanel, A. (Anna)
Women scientists travellers: Performing scientific identity through travel experiences in the context of the IFUW (1900-1945)
Das, H.C. (Hans)
'Wat een prachtige zin, meneer! Jammer dat hij niet rijmt'
Changes within Chinese Media Reports on Natural Disasters in China: Effects on Non-governmental Public Activities
Erdogan, A. (Aynur)
The Levantine Oriental tale as early American short prose fiction
Gaens, T.J.M. (Tom)
Hietland, C.H. (Chris)
Biography André van der Louw
Krol, J. (Jelle)
Laan, A.J.K. van der (Joanka)
Texts in Action: Performative reading (in the long 15th century)
Rossouw, M.P. (Martin)
Transformational ethics of cinema: metatheoretical reconstructions from 'film-philosophy' to 'film-religion'
Schweiger, E. (Elisabeth)
Droning silence. Targeted killing and the politics of acquiescence in international law formation
Sezal, M.A. (Mustafa)
Origins of differentiation in critical security schools: a philosophico-genealogical enquiry into ontologies
Smith, C.W.A. (Constantijn)
Titanic memories
Uphoff, J. (Johanneke)
Reading, writing, collecting: Miscellanies and private libraries (in the long 15th century)
Vreeling, S.J.J. (Sieger)
The core of architecture, 1890-1918
Wal, R. van de (Rozemarijn)
Scientific Personae in Cultural Encounters
Wiharani, A.P. (Annisa)
Building environmental policy through the improvement of climate regime institutional compliance
Wynia, G.H. (Gerben)
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