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Research Graduate School for the Humanities Research Current PhD research

Class of 2015

PhD candidates are affiliated to one of the following research institutes:

Centre for Language and Cognition

Project Title
Research Group
Arslan, S. (Seckin) - PhD ceremony 14 January 2016
Basile, V. (Valerio) - PhD ceremone 10 December 2015
Computational Linguistics
Bergmann, C. (Christopher) - PhD ceremony 1 May 2017
Evang, K. (Kilian) - PhD ceremony 26 January 2017 - Cum Laude
Computational Linguistics
Gerner-Haan, M. van (Marieke) - PhD ceremony 5 November 2015
Griffiths, J.E (James) - PhD ceremony 15 April 2015
Günes, G. (Güliz) - PhD ceremony 25 June 2015
Günther-van der Meij, M.T. (Mirjam) - PhD ceremony 14 May 2018
Hoeven-Houtzager, N. van (Nienke) - PhD ceremony 12 November 2015
Kolstrup, K.L. (Kirsten) - PhD ceremony 4 June 2015
Orriens, S.A.J. (Sander)
The Perfect Aspect in Ancient Greek
Overweg, J. (Jessica) - PhD ceremony 8 November 2018
Qin, R. (Rui) - PhD ceremony 14 January 2016
Stec, K.K.M. (Kashmiri) - PhD ceremony 18 January 2016 - Cum Laude
Sun, H. (He) - PhD ceremony 15 October 2015
Swarte, F.H.E. (Femke) - PhD ceremony 3 March 2016
Computational Linguistics
Seton, B.J. (Bregtje)
The age effect in bilingual development: grammatical gender in 2nd lang. Acquisition and 1st lang attrition
Venhuizen, N.J. (Noortje) - PhD ceremony 26 November 2015
Computational Linguistics
Yue, J. (Jinxing) - PhD ceremony 14 January 2016
Voigt, S. (Stefanie)
Mutual intelligibility in the Romance language area
Computational Linguistics

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture

Name Project Title Research Group
Aardema, B.L. (Bastiaan) Transition Policies by humanitarian INGOs: Bridging emergency aid and development cooperation International Relations
Beek, L. van (Lianne) Worshipping Miraculous Marys. A socio-historical analysis of the cults of populist Marys in the late medieval Netherlands Historical Studies
Blaauw, J.R. (Jan) Censorship of History Textbooks (1945-2010) Historical Studies
Bruijne, K.L. de (Kars) - PhD ceremony 15 September 2016 Bullets and bargaining: Rationalist decision-making in Sierra Leone and Slovenia International Relations
Brinks-Janssen, L. (Laura) - PhD ceremony 18 September 2017 The protection pyramid approach International Relations
Copini, E.J. (Emiel) Cultuur in de spiegel Arts in Society
Delfgaauw, L.H.M.P. (Leo) - PhD ceremony 10 October 2017 Elke stap is een volgende: Een narratief-biografisch onderzoek naar levenslang en levensbreed leren in de gevorderde beroepspraktijk van beeldende kunstenaars Arts in Society
Dorsten, T. van (Theisje) - PhD ceremony 19 October 2015 Mirrors in the making: Culture, education, and the development of metacognition in early and middle childhood (4-10) Arts in Society
Ekster, W.J. (Welmoed) Cultuur in de spiegel Arts in Society
Fokken, M. (Margriet) - PhD ceremony 5 July 2018 Beyond being koelies and kantráki: Constructing Hindostani identities in Suriname in the Era of Indenture, 1873-1921 Historical Studies
Halink, S. (Simon) - PhD ceremony 11 October 2017 Asgard Revisited: Old Norse mythology and national culture in Iceland, 1820-1918. Historical Studies
Hengel, G.C. van (Guido) - PhD ceremony 26 January 2017 - Cum Laude We, of tomorrow: A history of the young Bosnian student networks Historical Studies
Hout-Huijben, L.M. van den (Lidwina) - PhD ceremony 19 March 2015 El rojo crítico: expansión de la literatura catalana bajo censura (1962-1977) ...
Hünneman, R. (Ronald) Wetenschap en kunst van breinprothesen Arts in Society
Kester, J. (Johannes) - PhD ceremony 30 June 2016 Securing abundance: The politics of energy security International Relations
Kooystra, P.J.U. (Ulco) Biografie van prof. Sibrandus Stratingh Ezn (1785-1841) Historical Studies
Schuur, M. van der (Marco) Fragments of a shattered stage: Senecan tragedy and the epic tradition Historical Studies
Spoelstra, A.E. (Anja) Invalshoek Israël - Opinies in Nederlande krantencommentaren 1950-2010 Media and Journalism Studies
Wittendorp, S. (Stef) Securitizing terrorism after 9/11: The case of the European Union International Relations
Zomer, J. (Jeroen) - PhD ceremony 15 September 2016 Middeleeuwse veenontginningen in het getijdenbekken van de Hunze: Een interdisciplinair landschapshistorisch onderzoek naar de paleogeografie, ontginning en waterhuishouding (ca 800-ca 1500) Arts in Society
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