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University Medical Center Groningen

Prof. Charles HCM Buys (1942-2014)

Professor emeritus since 2007, † 2 April 2014
Prof. Charles HCM Buys†
Prof. Charles HCM Buys†

Announcement of his death on 2 April 2014

Obituary in the European Journal of Human Genetics, (2014) 22, 1343–1344; doi:10.1038/ejhg.2014.207

Specific research interests Molecular-genetic etiology of solid tumours, in particular lung and renal cell tumours

Positions held
1973 - 1976       Assistant Professor of Biology, School of Education, University of Groningen
1976 - 1982       Assistant Professor of Cytogenetics, University of Groningen
1983 - 1987       Associate Professor of Molecular Cytogenetics, University of Groningen
1987 - 2006       Professor of Human Genetics, Chairman of the Department of Medical Genetics, University of Groningen
2001 - 2006       Head, Department of Clinical Genetics, Academic Hospital Groningen
2006 – 2007      Head, Department of Genetics, University Medical Center Groningen

Honours and prizes
- The 1996 RuG Faculty Prize for Research (200,000 NLG) was awarded to the department for results obtained by two research programmes on "Tumour Genetics" and "Hereditary Diseases", both co-ordinated by Charles Buys
- The Nilsson-Ehle lecture 2003, University of Lund, on “Cancer & Heredity”
- Knighted in the Order of the Netherlands Lion for exceptional academic achievements, 2006

Publications 244 refereed publications in international journals between 1973-2010 (see publication list)

All Ph.D. theses supervised See list here, 1988-2010

Scholarly and professional activities See list, 1987-2012

Advisory, review and site visit activities See list

Teaching activities See list, 1987-2007

International invitations See list, 1984-2010

National invitations See list, 1986-2004

Organisation of international meetings See list, 1989-1998

Membership of scientific societies See list

Academic education
University of Utrecht:   1960-1965 B.Sc. Biology
                                  1965-1969 M.Sc. Biochemistry
University of Groningen:  1969-1976 Ph.D. Biochemistry

Research training
Undergraduate research projects at the University of Utrecht in bacterial genetics (Prof. P.G. de Haan), in bacterial biochemistry (Prof. L.L.M. van Deenen), in biostatistics (Dr. J. Bezem).
Doctoral dissertation (Prof. M. Gruber) at the University of Groningen: "Uptake and Degradation of Circulating Proteins by the Liver".

Clinical registrations
Human geneticist (SMBWO), 1985
Clinical cytogeneticist (NAV), 2002
Clinical molecular geneticist (NAV), 2002

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