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Zernike Ecology Project

The Zernike Ecology project aims to bring together ecological research, education, outreach and biodiversity conservation at the Zernike campus. These three aims are interconnected and are meant to cross-fertilise: students are stimulated to participate in research; changes in the campus landscape will be followed in monitoring studies, and developments will be communicated broadly. We aim to make Zernike campus an attractive, inspiring and biodiverse environment.

Zernike Ecology project

ZEP provides opportunities for students to engage in field biology and develop relevant skills. In addition to student involvement in ongoing research projects (see below), campus-based projects are part of several research courses: Animal Ecology Research, Community Ecology Research, Behavioural Biology Research.


Several research projects are being developed under ZEP. Students at all levels can participate in these projects; both inside and outside the regular curriculum. Examples of research projects include

Zernike Ecology project
Coot & nest near Smitsborg, Blackbird & nest in Linnaeusborg bike shed, Feral pigeons
Nature Values

Zernike campus is surrounded by nature reserves that are part of the “Stedelijke Ecologische Structuur” (SES), a network of natural areas in Groningen city. In line with the university’s ambition to be a ‘sustainable university’, we aim to incorporate ecological values in the ongoing development of the campus.
Relevant project reports:

  • A green campus - Urban ecology, nature’s effects on well-being, and how to implement this into a practical design (Sterre Koops, 2018: MSc report)
  • Ecologie Zernike Campus - De toekomst voor de natuur op het Zernikecomplex (Moniek Gommers, 2015: MSc report)
  • Operatie Steenbreek
Zernike Ecology project
Smitsborg & Duisenberg building, Zernike campus aerial view, Bernoulliborg & Linnaeusborg, Groningen city sheep

Interested to become involved?
Contact the research project coordinators (above), or one of the ZEP coordinators: Christiaan Both, Chris Smit or Martine Maan.


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