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Expertise Groups

Research within the institute is organised in six expertise groups: cooperative assemblies of research units with similar interests that commonly share support staff, facilities and sometimes teaching responsibilities. Expertise groups typically consist of four to eight core units and a number of associated units that participate in meetings and seminars on a regular basis.

Behavioural & Physiological Ecology
Coordinator: Simon Verhulst

BPE research units:
Dietz group - Ecophysiology
Komdeur group - Evolutionary ecology
Tieleman group - Ecological & evolutionary physiology
Verhulst group - Evolutionary biology of ageing
Conservation Ecology Group

Coordinator: Christiaan Both

ConsEco research units:
Both group - Animal ecology
Olff group - Community & conservation ecology
Piersma group - Global flyway ecology
Smit group - Experimental conservation ecology

Theoretical Research in Evolutionary Life Sciences
Coordinator: all

TRÊS research units:
Etienne group - Theoretical & evolutionary community ecology
Hemelrijk group - Self-organisation of social systems
Pen group - Theoretical evolutionary ecology
Van Doorn group - Evolutionary systems biology
Weissing group - Theoretical biology
Evolutionary Genetics, Development & Behaviour

Coordinator: Bregje Wertheim

EGDB research units:
Beukeboom lab - Evolutionary genetics
Billeter lab - Behavioural biology
Dijkstra lab - Behavioural biology
Groothuis lab - Behavioural biology
Maan group - Behavioural biology
Van de Zande lab - Evolutionary genetics
Wertheim lab - Ecological & evolutionary genomics

Genomics Research in Ecology & Evolution in Nature
Coordinator: Theo Elzenga

GREEN research units:
De Kok lab - Plant physiology
Elzenga lab - Ecophysiology of plants
Eriksson lab - Marine ecology
Falcao Salles lab - Microbial community ecology
Fontaine lab - Ecological & evolutionary genomics
Olsen lab - Molecular marine ecology
Palsbøll lab - Marine evolution & conservation
Van Elsas lab - Microbial ecology


Coordinator: Robbert Havekes

Neurobiology research units:
Beersma lab - Chronobiology
Buwalda lab - Behavioural neuroscience
De Boer lab - Behavioural neurobiology
Eisel lab - Molecular neurobiology
Havekes lab - Molecular neurobiology
Hut lab - Chronobiology
Kas lab - Behavioural neuroscience
Meerlo lab - Chronobiology
Olivier lab - Behavioural neuroscience
Scheurink lab - Neuroendocrinology
Schoemaker lab - Molecular neurobiology
Van der Zee lab - Molecular neurobiology
Van Dijk lab - Integrative neurobiology of energy balance
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