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Research GELIFES



Q. Chen (Conservation Ecology): Long-term effects of large and small herbivores on plant diversity in a salt-marsh system (thesis)

Promotores Prof. H. Olff, Prof. C. Smit

Soto Padilla

A. Soto Padilla (EGDB): In the heat of the moment - How Drosophila melanogaster's response to temperature is modulated by sensory systems, social environment, development, and cognition (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.C. Billeter, Prof. D.H. van Rijn (FBSS), Prof. O.C.M. Sibon (UMCG)

van Ginkel

H.A.L. van Ginkel (Conservation Ecology): Wolves, tree logs and tree regeneration - Combined effects of downed wood and wolves on the regeneration of palatable and less palatable tree species (thesis)

Promotor Prof. C. Smit, copromotor Dr D.P.J. Kuijper (MRI-PAS, Bialowieza)


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