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Research GELIFES


Alzate Vallejo

A. Alzate Vallejo (TRÊS): From local adaptation to range sizes - Ecological and evolutionary consequences of dispersal (thesis)

Promotores Prof. R.S. Etienne, Prof. D. Bonte (University of Ghent)


T. Beking (EGDB): Two sides to every story - Sex hormones, brain lateralization and gender development (thesis)

Promotores Prof. A.G.G. Groothuis, Prof. O.M. Tucha (FBSS); copromotores Dr R.H. Geuze (FBSS), Dr B.P.C. Kreukels (VUMC)


R.A. Bom (Conservation Ecology): Arabian Muds - A 21st-century natural history on crab plovers, crabs and molluscs (thesis)

Promotores Prof. T. Piersma, Prof. W. Bouten (UvA); copromotor Dr J.A. van Gils (NIOZ)


M. Bove (Neurobiology): Neurobiological determinants of depressive-like symptoms in rodents - A multifactorial approach (thesis)

Promotores Prof. M.J.H. Kas, Prof. V. Cuomo (Sapienza University, Rome)


M. Buřičová (EGDB): Molecular analysis of circadian photosensitivity and diapause in the jewel wasp Nasonia vitripennis (thesis)

Promotores Prof. L.W. Beukeboom, Prof. E. Tauber (University of Haifa); copromotor Dr L. van de Zande

Cabrera Arreola

A.A. Cabrera Arreola (GREEN): Evolutionary ecology of marine mammals (thesis)

Promotor Prof. P.J Palsbøll

Chaib De Mares

M. Chaib De Mares (GREEN): The sponge as a hypothesis pump - A multi-omics overview of a sponge-microbe symbiosis (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.D. van Elsas; copromotor Dr D. Sipkema (WUR)


L. Cornacchia (Conservation Ecology): Emergent properties of bio-physical self-organization in streams (thesis)

Promotores Prof. T.J. Bouma (UG/NIOZ), Prof. J. van de Koppel (UG/NIOZ); copromotor Dr D. van der Wal (NIOZ)

Cortes Tolalpa

L. Cortés Tolalpa (GREEN): Lignocellulose-degrading microbial consortia - Importance of synergistic interactions (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.D. van Elsas, Prof. J. Falcao Salles

Dalla Benetta

E. Dalla Benetta (EGDB): Involvement of clock genes in seasonal, circadian and ultradian rhythms of Nasonia vitripennis (thesis)

Promotor Prof. L.W. Beukeboom; copromotor Dr L. van de Zande


F.G. Engel (GREEN): Ecology of benthic microalgae - Community dynamics of estuarine primary producers in a changing world (thesis)

Promotores Prof. B.D.H.K. Eriksson, Prof. U. Sommer (GEOMAR, Kiel); copromotor: Dr B. Matthiessen (GEOMAR, Kiel)


J.A. Gorter (EGDB): The nature and nurture of female receptivity - A study in Drosophila melanogaster (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.C. Billeter


F. Groenewoud (BPE): Better together - Cooperative breeding under environmental heterogeneity (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J. Komdeur, Prof. M. Taborsky (University of Bern); copromotor: Dr S.A. Kingma


O. Ivanov (TRÊS/JBI): Mathematical modeling of senescence in metabolic networks (thesis)

Promotores Prof. F.J. Weissing, Prof. A.J. van der Schaft (JBI)

Herrera Dueñas

A. Herrera Dueñas (BPE): Light and shadows of city life - Consequences of urbanisation for oxidative stress balance of the house sparrow (thesis)

Promotor Prof. S. Verhulst

Jimeno Revilla

B. Jimeno Revilla (BPE): Causes and consequences of glucocorticoid variation in zebra finches (thesis)

Promotores Prof. S. Verhulst, Prof. M. Hau (Max Planck Institute)

Machín Alvarez

P.M. Machín Alvarez (Conservation Ecology): A golden life - Ecology of breeding waders in low Lapland (thesis)

Promotores Prof. T. Piersma; copromotores Dr R.H.G. Klaassen, Dr J.I. Aguirre (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


A.A.P. Pratama (Microbial Ecology): The ecology and evolution of bacteriophages of mycosphere-inhabiting Paraburkholderia spp. (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.D. van Elsas


J.M. Samplonius (Conservation Ecology): Temporal components of interspecific interactions (thesis)

Promotores Prof. C. Both, Prof. J.M. Tinbergen


A.L. Schipper (Neurobiology): Dietary lipid quality, environment and the developing brain (thesis)

Promotores Prof. G. van Dijk, Prof. A.J.W. Scheurink, Prof. E.M. van der Beek (UMCG)


L.E. Schmaltz (Conservation Ecology): Ruffs in rough times (thesis)

Promotores Prof. T. Piersma, Prof. J.M. Tinbergen


A. Sharma (Evolutionary Genetics): Identification and characterization of the male-determining gene of the housefly, Musca domestica (thesis)

Promotor Prof. L.W. Beukeboom; copromotores Dr L. van de Zande, Dr D. Bopp (University of Zurich)

van Els

P. van Els (TRÊS): Avian diversification across space (thesis)

Promotor Prof. R.S. Etienne; copromotor Dr A. Pigot


T. Woelders (Neurobiology): How light intensity and colour impact nonvisual functions in humans - Effects of light on entrainment, sleep and pupil constriction

Promotores Prof. R.A. Hut, Prof. D.G.M. Beersma; copromotores Dr M.C.M. Gordijn, Dr E.J. Wams


Y. Wu (Evolutionary Genetics): Characterization of the M-locus and functional analysis of the male-determining gene in the housefly (thesis)

Promotores Prof. L.W. Beukeboom, Prof. E.A. Wimmer (Georg August University, Goettingen); copromotor Dr L. van de Zande


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