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Research GELIFES



H. Beukema (Plant Ecology): Biodiversity in rubber agroforests (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J. van Andel, Prof. M.J.A. Werger; copromotor Dr M. van Noordwijk


C.J. Camphuijsen (Animal Ecology): A historical ecology of two closely related gull species (Laridae) - Multiple adaptations to a man-made environment (thesis)

Promotor Prof. T. Piersma; copromotor Dr H.W. van der Veer


C.M. Coppens (Behavioural Physiology): Development of aggression and impulsivity - Modulation by adolescent social stress? (thesis)

Promotor: Prof. J.M. Koolhaas; copromotor Dr S.F. de Boer


M.S. Cretoiu (Microbial Ecology): Metagenomics-guided exploration of natural habitats for bacterial chitinases (thesis)

Promotor: Prof. J.D. van Elsas

de Cássia Pereira e Silva

M. de Cássia Pereira e Silva (Microbial Ecology): The normal operating range of soil functioning - Understanding the natural fluctuations of nitrogen cycling communities (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.D. van Elsas; copromotor Dr J.F. Salles

de Jong

B. de Jong (BESO): Testosterone a female hormone - Testing the function and evolution of testosterone in female birds (thesis)

Promotores: Prof. J. Komdeur, Prof. A.G.G. Groothuis, Prof. L. Lens (Ghent University, Belgium)

de Wilde

M.C. de Wilde (Molecular Neurobiology): Effects of nutrition on cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease - Dietary intervention affects relevant parameters in Alzheimer models (thesis)

Promotores: Prof. P.G.M. Luiten, Prof. P. Scheltens (VU Amsterdam); copromotor A.J. Kiliaan (Radboud University)


S. Donadi (MarBEE): Bivalve loops - The importance of ecosystem engineering for soft-bottom intertidal ecosystems (thesis)

Promotores: Prof. B.K. Eriksson, Prof. J.L. Olsen

Encinas Viso

F.A. Encinas Viso (COCON): Ecology and evolution of mutualistic networks (thesis)

Promotores Prof. R.S. Etienne, Prof. H. Olff

Garzón López

C.X. Garzón López (COCON): Determinants of the spatial distribution of tree species in a neotropical forest (thesis)

Promotores Prof. H. Olff, Prof. S. Bohlman; copromotor Dr P.A. Jansen


M.C. Gimenez (Chronobiology): Light from dawn to dusk - Human entrainment in a changing environment (thesis)

Promotores Prof. D.G.M. Beersma, Prof. S. Daan; copromotor Dr M.C.M. Gordijn


G. Gracceva (Behavioural Physiology): Challenging the stability of personality - Studies on developmental plasticity in rodents (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.M. Koolhaas, Prof. A.G.G. Groothuis


S. Guidotti (Neuroendocrinology): The fire of life - Applications and implications (thesis)

Promotores Prof. G. van Dijk, Prof. H.A.J. Meijer


M. Hammers (BESO, Animal Ecology): Ecology of senescence in a cooperatively breeding bird - A long-term study on the Seychelles warbler (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J. Komdeur, Prof. T. Burke; copromotor Dr D.S. Richardson


A.L.W. Kuijper (Theoretical Biology): Sexual selection and sex allocation (thesis)

Promotores Prof. I.R. Pen, Prof. F.J. Weissing


Q-X. Liu (COCON): Emergent properties of spatial self-organization - A study of patterned mussel beds (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J. van de Koppel, Prof. P.M.J. Herman, Prof. H. Olff


X. Liu (COCON): Interspecific and intraspecific perspectives of the Janzen-Connell efect - Incorporating phylogenetic and molecular evolutionary approaches (thesis)

Promotores Prof. R.S. Etienne, Prof. S. Yu


T. Lok (Animal Ecology): Spoonbills as a model system - A demographic cost-benefit analysis of differential migration (thesis)

Promotores Prof. T. Piersma, Prof. J.M. Tinbergen


K. Meijer (Evolutionary Genetics): Native versus non-native - The interplay between native insects and non-native plants

Promotores Prof. M. Schilthuizen, Prof. L.W. Beukeboom; copromotor Dr C. Smit


M.S. Müller (Behavioural Biology): Proximate and ultimate aspects of androgen-mediated maternal effects in relation to sibling competition in birds (thesis)

Promotor Prof. A.G.G. Groothuis


K.A. Pfannkuche (Behavioural Biology): A testosterones' tale - Exploring different pathways for testosterone mediated maternal effects (thesis)

Promotor Prof. A.G.G. Groothuis


K. Reiss (MarBEE): Marine trophic cascades - Synergistic effects of fishing and eutrophication (thesis)

Promotores Prof. B.K. Eriksson, Prof. J.L. Olsen


M.J.P. Simons (Behavioural Biology): Sexual coloration and aging (thesis)

Promotores Prof. S. Verhulst, Prof. A.G.G. Groothuis


G. Stulp (Social Psychology, Behavioural Biology): Sex, stature and status - Natural selection on height in contemporary human populations (thesis)

Promotores Prof. A.P. Buunk, Prof. S. Verhulst

van der Geest

M. van der Geest (Animal Ecology): Multi-trophic interactions within the seagrass beds of Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania - A chemosynthesis-based intertidal ecosystem (thesis)

Promotores Prof. T. Piersma, Prof. J. van der Meer, Prof. H. Olff

van der Plas

A.L.D. van der Plas (COCON): Understanding trait-based community assembly in tropical savannahs at different trophic levels (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H. Olff

van der Vaart

E.E. van der Vaart (BESO, Theoretical Biology): A cognitive model of caching by corvids (thesis)

Promotores Prof. C.K. Hemelrijk, Prof. L.C. Verbrugge (ALICE-AI)

van de Werken

M. van de Werken (Chronobiology): Dawn, light at night and the clock - Impact on human alertness, performance and physiology (thesis)

Promotor Prof. D.G.M. Beersma; copromotor Dr M.C.M. Gordijn

van Heuven

S.M.A.C. van Heuven (Ocean Ecosystems): Determination of the rate of oceanic storage of anthropogenic CO2 from measurements in the ocean interior - The South Atlantic Ocean (thesis)

Promotores Prof. H.J.W. de Baar, Prof. H.A.J. Meijer


R.M. Veeneklaas (COCON, Theoretical Biology): Adaptation and dispersal of native salt-marsh species Elytrigia atherica (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.P. Bakker, Prof. R. Bijlsma


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