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Research GELIFES


Araújo Santos

S. Araújo Santos (Ocean Ecosystems): Patterns of distribution, dynamics and genetic variation in the peppery furrow shell Scrobicularia plana (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.L. Olsen; copromotores Dr P.C. Luttikhuizen, Dr H.W. van der Veer


R.P. Barf (Neuroendocrinology, Behavioural Physiology): Metabolic consequences of sleep restriction in rats (thesis)

Promotor Prof. A.J.W. Scheurink; copromotor Dr P. Meerlo


N.D.P. Bhola (COCON): The interplay between African protected savannas and their surrounding pastoral rangelands (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H. Olff


A.S. Boerema (Chronobiology, Molecular Neurobiology): The brain at low temperature - Neuronal and behavioural dynamics in mammalian hibernation and torpor (thesis)

Promotores Prof. S. Daan, Prof. E.A. van der Zee

de Corte

D. de Corte (Ocean Ecosystems): Interaction between viruses and prokaryotes in the sea (thesis)

Promotores Prof. H.J.W. de Baar, Prof. G.J. Herndl


A.L.F. Duarte (Theoretical Biology): Evolution of self-organized division of labor in social insects (thesis)

Promotores Prof. F.J. Weissing, Prof. I.R. Pen


E.O. Folmer (Animal Ecology, COCON): Self-organization on mudflats (thesis)

Promotores Prof. T. Piersma, Prof. H. Olff


C. Fritz (Plant Ecophysiology): Limits of Sphagnum bog growth in the New World

Promotores Prof. A.P. Grootjans, Prof. J.G.M. Roelofs, Prof. J.T.M. Elzenga, copromotor Dr A.J.P. Smolders


A. Hegemann (Animal Ecology): Strive to survive - The skylark‘s ecology and physiology in an annual-cycle perspective (thesis)

Promotor Prof. B.I. Tieleman, copromotor Dr K.D. Matson


R. Henriksen (Behavioural Biology): Echoes from a stressful past - Effects, pathways and adaptive value of material stress in birds (thesis)

Promotor Prof. A.G.G. Groothuis


N.P.C. Horrocks (Animal Ecology): The role of disease risk and life history in the immune function of larks in different environments (thesis)

Promotor Prof. B.I. Tieleman, copromotor Dr K.D. Matson


H.J. Hulshof (UMCG/Molecular Neurobiology): Early life influences, sex differences & stress vulnerability - The impact of material separation and sex on adult stress sensibility in rats (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.A. den Boer, Prof. P.G.M. Luiten; co-promotor Dr P. Meerlo


A.B.F. Ivens (Theoretical Biology): The evolutionary ecology of mutualism (thesis)

Promotores Prof. F.J. Weissing, Prof. J.J. Boomsma, Prof. I.R. Pen


T. Koevoets (Evolutionary Genetics): Deadly combinations - Hybrid incompatibilities in the parasitic wasp genus Nasonia (thesis)

Promotor Prof. L.W. Beukeboom; copromotor Dr L.P.W.G.M. van de Zande


K.L. Krijgsveld (Behavioural Biology): Behavioural and physiological adaptations of precocial chicks to arctic environments (thesis)

Promotor Prof. S. Verhulst, Prof. R.E. Ricklefs


P.J.W. Naudé (UMCG/Molecular Neurobiology): The role of Lipocalin 2 in Alzheimer's disease and depression (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer, Prof. U.L.M. Eisel, Prof. P.G.M. Luiten


R. Nazir (Microbial Ecology): The ecological succes of Burkholderia terrae BS001 and related strains in the mycosphere (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.D. van Elsas


A. Novati (Molecular Neurobiology, Behavioural Physiology): Sleep loss, brain vulnerability and psychopathology - Experimental studies on the neurobiological consequences of chronic sleep restriction in rats (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.M. Koolhaas; copromotor Dr P. Meerlo


S.M. Schaafsma (Behavioural Biology): Hows and whys of left and right - Ontogeny of lateralization and its functional relevance (thesis)

Promotor Prof. A.G.G.Groothuis


S.V. Schaper (Chronobiology): Seasonal timing in a changing climate - The physiological basis of phenotypic plasticity and its evolutionary potential (thesis)

Promotor Prof. M.E. Visser


M.J.J. Schrama (COCON): The assembly of a saltmarsh ecosystem - The interplay of green and brown webs (thesis)

Promotor Prof. H. Olff; copromotor Dr M.P. Berg


E. Schut (BESO): Sexual selection in the Blue tit - The role of MHC and post-copulatory effects (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J. Komdeur; copromotor Dr M.J.L. Magrath

te Marvelde

L. te Marvelde (Chronobiology): Coping with climate change - Energetic costs of avian timing of reproduction (thesis)

Promotor Prof. M.E. Visser

van Reenen

C.G. van Reenen (Behavioural Physiology): Identifying temperament in dairy cows - A longitudinal approach (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.M. Koolhaas, Prof. H.J. Blokhuis; copromotores Dr R.B. Jones, Dr H.A.M. Spoolder


M.A. Versteegh (Animal Ecology): Physiology in a life history perspective - Stonechats' adaptations to different environments (thesis)

Promotor Prof. B.I. Tieleman

Vidal Mollón

J. Vidal Mollón (Behavioural Physiology): Social stress in adolescent rats - Adult behavioral and neurobiological consequences (thesis)

Promotor Prof. J.M. Koolhaas, copromotor Dr B. Buwalda


A.M. Zipperle (MarBEE): Clonal and sexy - The dynamics of sexual and asexual reproduction in dwarf eelgrass, Zostera noltii Hornemann in the northern Wadden Sea (thesis)

Promotores Prof. J.L. Olsen, Prof. W.T. Stam


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